High speed delicious!
A pizza before your homework? Crispy chicken wings after the movies? QuantumSpeed has four heating systems to prepare mouthwatering meals and tasty tidbits at the speed of light. 

Especially fast cooking and frying
Especially fast cooking and frying
The new light wave oven QuantumSpeed allows dishes to be prepared up to 70 percent faster - whether small snacks or elaborate menus. The secret of its speed lies in four integrated heating systems. Aside from a microwave with up to 900 watts, the oven has a quartz grill with halogen light, and a conventional heating element.
This “teamwork” does the trick! The microwave heats from the inside, giving maximum penetration for cooking and defrosting. The quartz grill and the halogen light deliver immediate heat for quick warming when roasting and browning. And the heating element guarantees crispy crackle - of course only when you want it. Each heating system can be switched on and off individually.

QuantumSpeed is this fast:

Chicken wings (600 g)
Previously: 25 min
With QuantumSpeed: 14 min

Potato casserole (600 g)
Previously: 35 min
With QuantumSpeed: 13 min

Pork roast (1,800 g)
Previously: 160 min
With QuantumSpeed: 63 min

Especially wholesome
Especially healthy dishes
The Bosch oven’s distinctly shorter cooking and defrosting times ensure that important nutrients like vitamins and minerals are better conserved. In addition, less water and fat are needed when cooking - the ingredients preserve their taste, the dishes are lighter and have fewer calories. Moreover, salt can often be left out, as crispy crusts have a flavorsome taste of their own.

The QuantumSpeed not only gives top performance, it also looks good and fits into the smallest kitchen: the oven is only 45 cm high, and comes in anthracite, white and brushed steel.

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