Birgit's creators

The ideas in Birgit's electric car are the work of the Bosch user experience team. In four project phases – and using a new approach to development – the team members gain a number of insights into the possible design of a future human-machine interface (HMI) for electric vehicles. These insights are then applied to a prototype, and members of the public are asked what they think of the concepts that have been developed.

These members of the public are people like Kathrin, Carl, and Bernd: test people from a wide variety of backgrounds, from infrequent drivers to techies. Experts from the Bosch user experience team speak to these real-life people, follow them into their homes, and enter their world of experience.

Can I drive off yet?


The ten commandments


Mock-up of the new vehicle


Familiar faces


Charged up

Thanks to the interface of the future, Birgit sets new energy-saving records every day in her electric car.

Forward thinkers

Electromobility requires new user interface designs: user experience experts translate drivers' needs into vehicle design.

It quickly becomes clear that energy has to be tangible if people are going to use it responsibly. The electric vehicles of the future should not be seen as inferior cars with a limited range. Instead, they must be technologically fascinating and fully integrated into their environment. And let's not forget that they should be fun to drive as well.