From dream to reality

For six months, the Bosch user experience team analyzed how the car of the future can be best tailored to customers’ needs. Together with real users, a wide range of ideas were put forward. Here, Birgit presents a few of them. Some of these ideas are helping her to reduce her energy consumption daily.

Birgit has not had her electric car for very long. So one constant worry is whether there is enough battery charge for her to reach her destination. Initially, she switched off every power-consuming device, such as the radio.

The smart way to get around town


Gliding, not driving


A green wave


Energy-saving is child’s play


A human focus

Members of the public are helping experts at Bosch to shape the driving experience of the future.

Forward thinkers

Electromobility requires new user interface designs: user experience experts translate drivers' needs into vehicle design.

After a while she realized that Trixie, the smart on-board computer, provides her with all the information she needs, when she needs it. For example, there is a display that reveals how much farther the car can travel, where home is, and how far Birgit could travel if she changed her driving style slightly.