Into the unknown

User experience projects such as this one are complex. They tie up a lot of resources over a long period of time, and their success is anything but guaranteed. Stefan managed the "Birgit" project at Bosch in Leonberg, Germany, for six months.

"Feeling comfortable with a wide variety of possible solutions is an important prerequisite for the success of user experience projects. The team members have to abandon old paths and instead use insights from users as well as their own ideas to find new solutions. The route is impossible to predict in advance. It is therefore important that the team is made up of people who – for all their imagination – don't lose sight of the objective and, in particular, the budget. This is a job for experienced project managers who are not afraid of new ways of thinking."

Form follows function


From design to mock-up


Interpreting feelings


From sketch to patent


Charged up

Thanks to the interface of the future, Birgit sets new energy-saving records every day in her electric car.

A human focus

Members of the public are helping experts at Bosch to shape the driving experience of the future.