Another dairy in paradise

Milking cows is backbreaking work. But there is nothing in the world Grant Rowe would rather do – thanks to New Zealand’s natural beauty, and efficient Bosch technology.

The Bay of Plenty is a sight you will not soon forget. It offers everything travelers in New Zealand are looking for: a rugged coastline with breathtaking beaches, mysterious geysers bubbling away, and – above all – pastures. The land is lush and green, as far as the eye can see. This is where you’ll find dairy farmer Grant Rowe’s farm. “A good place to raise my kids,” he says with a smile.
But as unique as his location might be, life on a dairy farm is no walk in the park. For 28 years, Rowe’s life has revolved around milking 528 cows every day before sunrise and sunset. He treats his animals with plenty of tender loving care, all while keeping an eye on the increasingly strict hygiene regulations in dairy production. “That’s why we’re always on the lookout for equipment that saves us time and money.” Such as the new gas heating system that Bosch has developed especially for New Zealand’s farmers: it heats water for cleansing milking machines faster, more flexibly, and more energy efficiently. This system is sustainable, and it’s good for farmers’ nerves – as well as their wallets. Rowe: “I’m impressed. It helps us save 45 percent on our hot-water costs.” And gives him a little more time to enjoy paradise.

Milking with gas

How a little valve is revolutionizing dairy farmers’ everyday lives.

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