Milking with gas

Converting to gas: the latest trend among New Zealand’s dairy farmers. How a simple idea is revolutionizing daily farming life.

Cleansing milking machines brings back memories for Mark Blacker. The Australian manager grew up on a farm with cows. “I remember how we used to carry heavy buckets of hot water to the shed.” Today, he heads Bosch Thermotechnology in Australia and Oceania – and he’s proud of a project that is making life easier for dairy farmers: “Bosch on Farm.”
The task: Big farms need large quantities of hot water to cleanse milking machines. They often use electricity to heat this water, though this consumes an enormous amount of energy. Blacker’s team had an idea: gas could do the job better!
The solution: Small, yet ingenious – a special valve that makes it possible to hook up a new gas heating system to existing water tanks, meaning that dairy farmers can switch from electricity to gas without a hitch.
The result: A massive drop in energy consumption. Bosch on Farm heats 600 liters of water in 50 minutes. Electricity takes around 6 times as long and usually costs twice as much. This allows farmers not only to produce perfectly hygienic dairy products, but also to sleep in a little later every morning. The investment pays off after about two years.

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