Megawatts by the Wadden Sea

Wind power can be a real diva. Sometimes the wind is too strong. Other times it’s too gentle. But the citizens of Braderup have succeeded in harnessing gusts, breezes, and gales. An innovative energy storage facility makes it possible.

The mission: It all started with a disgruntled farmer. Jan Martin Hansen was sick of watching the wind sweep across the North Frisian coast and set wind turbines spinning while the flow of power slowed to a standstill. The reason? Overload. The wind turbines were producing more power than the grid could handle. Hansen knew what had to be done: “We had to find a way to store wind energy for calm days.”

The solution: Today, not a bit of wind power is wasted at the new Braderup-Tinningstedt community wind farm thanks to the energy storage facility featuring Bosch technology. The heart of the facility is a hybrid system made up of two batteries: a lithium-ion component (pictured on the left) and a vanadium redox flow unit. This “power couple” is capable of both short- and long-term energy storage. It can stash away power when the wind is blowing strong and release it when things calm down.

The result: Two hundred citizens invested in the wind farm, and now they are reaping the benefits. Each of the six wind turbines has a capacity of 3.3 megawatts. The hybrid battery can store enough power to keep 40 single-family homes supplied for an entire week, even if the wind decides to take a break.


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