Fighting climate change with creativity

The U.N. climate conference in Lima shows that the world needs technological innovations to respond to climate change. Bosch is rising to the challenge.

What do coasting cars, wood chips from the Black Forest, and a world record in laundry have in common? All of them are creative ways of fighting climate change. The U.N. climate conference and the latest IPCC report remind us how urgently our planet needs a few bright ideas. Global warming is advancing rapidly. An increase in poverty, hunger, and natural disasters will be unavoidable if we fail to stop it. So what is Bosch doing? What we do best: innovating.

Bosch engineers are hard at work coming up with more energy-efficient solutions. Here are a few examples. The new SuperSilence Eco dryer is a world champion in two ways: no dryer on earth is more economical – and none is quieter.* This champion laundry whisperer consumes even less energy than A+++ appliances. Bosch is developing start-stop coasting for cars, which switches off the engine as soon as the vehicle can maintain its speed simply by rolling.
But that’s not all. Thanks to a biomass heating plant, Badische Staatsbrauerei, the state-owned brewery in the Germany’s Baden region, is able to offer carbon-neutral beer. The fuel? Wood chips. Bosch researchers are searching for solutions around the globe. One of the places they’re looking is the ocean. In fact, electricity from wave energy is already a reality in Bosch’s laboratories.

And the best part about all these innovations? They are not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet.

*As of November 2014

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