Blue Bottle Café

The Blue Bottle Café in the Mission District is the perfect place to grab a little something before an e-bike tour of San Francisco. Here you can plan your route over the best coffee in town. There are 15 varieties of coffee to choose from!

Chinatown I

When you come to Chinatown, you feel like you’re in a different country! There’s plenty to take in here. And luckily, getting through the neighborhood’s bustling streets is a breeze on the e-bike.

Golden Gate Bridge

Huffing and puffing your way to the Golden Gate? Not on the e-bike! The Golden Gate Bridge is a sight to behold, no matter what time of day or night. You can’t say you’ve been to San Francisco unless you’ve seen it.

Cliff House

Visit the historic Cliff House restaurant next to the Sutro Baths on the western side of San Francisco for a magnificent view of the ocean.

Bernal Heights

Climbing the steep hills of Bernal Heights is no easy task – unless you’re on an e-bike! The view of the city will take your breath away, and is definitely worth the climb.

Alamo Square

Take a break at Alamo Square to admire the breathtaking beauty of the Painted Ladies, San Francisco’s famous multi-hued wooden Victorian houses.

Chinatown II

Bustling stores and a lively atmosphere: San Francisco’s Chinatown is the world’s largest, as well as North America’s oldest. This is a place where you can experience authentic Chinese culture.

The cliffs on the western side

There’s a giant camera obscura, built according to Leonardo da Vinci’s designs, here on the steep cliffs on the western side of town. It’s worth a detour, and not just for techies.

Palace of Fine Arts I

The Palace of Fine Arts is a top stop on any e-bike tour. Take a break along the lagoon and recharge your inner batteries for the rest of your tour over a picnic.

Palace of Fine Arts II

The Palace of Fine Arts was built especially for the 1915 world’s fair. The town’s citizens thought it was so beautiful that they set up a foundation for its preservation – an absolute must-see!

City Lights Bookstore I

Not just the right place for bookworms. The City Lights Bookstore is located on Columbus Avenue, one of the city’s steep streets. It’s San Francisco’s most legendary bookstore, and getting there is a breeze on the e-bike.

City Lights Bookstore II

You could browse for hours here. It’s definitely the place to visit if you’re into the Beat Generation. This is where Alan Ginsberg’s controversial poem “Howl” was published.

Fisherman’s Wharf I

Full of tourists – but if you hop on your e-bike and avoid packed Pier 39, you can still find docks that are unused and reflect San Francisco’s history as a port city.

Fisherman’s Wharf II

Here’s a top tip: take a tour with the Blue & Gold Fleet. Go to Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street for the freshest seafood in town. It’s worth the wait!

15 Romolo I

The 15 Romolo bar is an insider’s tip in the North Beach neighborhood. There aren’t even that many locals who know about it. Come here for a huge selection of delectable cocktails and exquisite eats.

15 Romolo II

The climb to the bar is a steep one. But it’s a piece of cake thanks to the e-bike! The building that is home to 15 Romolo has a colorful past that stretches back more than 100 years.

Empress of China

The roof garden of the Empress of China restaurant offers an amazing view of San Francisco’s skyline. Oh, and the food is good there, too.


It’s uphill all the way: Maggie and Faith have some tough pedaling to do on their tour through San Francisco. Yet on their e-bikes, they even manage to take on 30 percent inclines. Impressed? Take a look at these highlights!

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