The collector of worlds

The collector of worlds

When Klaus Tolle talks about his youth and his occupational training with Bosch in Campinas, Brazil, one memory in particular sticks out – an unforgettable circus stunt with his co-workers.

Now 66, the son of German emigrants still laughs today when he talks about this particular parents’ evening when he and 20 others put on a very special show. “Our boss put a very strong emphasis on sports during our training. One time, he drilled us in choreographed acrobatics, stuck us in circus clothes, and had us perform the act for our parents. It was a great laugh.”

Perhaps Tolle’s instructor hoped this unusual teaching plan would benefit his students’ coordination skills. After all, metalworking jobs require precision and a delicate touch. “Bosch was already offering real apprentice training at that time. If you were ever looking for work, a testimonial from Bosch was always worth a lot,” says Tolle. Following his apprenticeship at the beginning of the 1960s, he studied mechanical engineering in Dortmund.

Today, Tolle is retired – at least, in theory. As a consultant working for Bosch Management Support, he passes his expertise and experience on to younger associates around the world.

When Tolle thinks about Brazil, he sometimes wishes the people in Germany had a little more of the Brazilian zest for life and optimism.