A day dedicated to diversity

Bosch locations adopt a broader perspective

Intercultural diversity is an important success factor for Bosch – for wherever teams with a range of different experiences and backgrounds work together, these result in creative solutions and unique ideas. It is with this in mind that the company is currently making preparations for the first global Bosch Diversity Day.

On this day, special activities will take place at around 200 locations to reflect the diversity that exists across the group. The locations can decide their own range of activities for themselves – and be inspired by the great ideas from the prior year.

More than 50 Bosch locations around Germany and Switzerland already organized a Diversity Week in 2013. The key subjects were equal opportunities, international cooperation, and diversity across the generations. For seven days, associates tried out international delicacies in the canteens, got involved in artistic creations, and visited other departments and external social institutions to gain broader insights.

Sustainability Report 2013

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