Acting sustainably “NOW”

Bosch publishes sustainability report 2013

Every day, associates all over the world do their part to help achieve the sustainability targets set by Bosch. They develop environmentally-compatible products or make good suggestions for optimizing the energy balance at their location. They promote diversity and get involved as volunteers to educate and to enhance equal opportunities. You can find out how this looks in practice on the following pages – and in the current sustainability report from the Bosch Group.


Some of the key successes in 2013:

• Bosch has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions in relation to added value by 16 percent.

• The company invests 48 percent of its research and development spending in expanding its environment and safety portfolio. This accounts for 37 percent of its sales.

• The number of accidents per million hours worked is down 48 percent since 2007 to an accident rate of 3.6.

• The Bosch Group donated 13.6 million euros in aid for the victims of natural disasters and for financing various education projects.