Environmental protection according to plan

The location in Bursa, Turkey, is saving resources

For Bosch, using natural resources and raw materials efficiently is more than just a social obligation. It also helps stabilize production costs long-term. To identify potential savings at its locations worldwide, the company is first focusing its attention on water and waste. The goal is to make exemplary projects in these fields accessible internationally.

Bosch has launched one such project in Bursa, Turkey. The plant is working at various levels on improving its annual environmental footprint. Last year, this involved reconditioning cutting oils and process water and reintroducing them into the production cycle. Pipeline systems were fitted with better insulation, and machines equipped with long-life filters. These are four of the various measures Bosch has introduced in Bursa to conserve natural resources and eliminate waste – at the same time as saving around 400,000 euros during 2013.

Sustainability Report 2013

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