• Virtual power plants

    Technology for the energy turnaround

    Over the course of the transition to renewable sources of energy, a growing number of micro-plant owners are feeding power into the public grid. Virtual power plants pool and manage energy from different renewable sources with components developed by Bosch.

  • Sustainability Report 2013

    Acting sustainably “NOW”

    Helping shape tomorrow’s world today – Bosch also pursues this aim in its sustainability efforts. The sustainability report 2013 documents the focal points of this commitment.

  • Education for Life

    Education for life

    Education is the best insurance there is. It helps people to free themselves from the poverty trap and lead independent lives. The current Education for All Global Monitoring Report shows that this is still a long way off. Following this path requires commitment from business and society as well as political action.

  • Megacities

    The future of megacities

    The future of megacities

    Today, there are already 23 million people living in Shanghai. They all need living space, a functioning infrastructure, and reliable access to food, water, and energy.

    This is a challenge that also offers opportunities for sustainable urban development.

  • Training

    Training for success

    Training for success

    100 years ago, Bosch opened its first apprentices workshop. Since then, the company has provided 100,000 young people worldwide with occupational training.

    Apprentices and instructors explain what makes occupational training at Bosch so special.


Stakeholder in dialogue

Prof. Dr. Fischedick

"Virtual power plants have the potential to become the cornerstone of a promising and safe energy supply for the future."


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Sustainability at Bosch

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