• Education for Life

    Education for life

    Education is the best insurance there is. It helps people to free themselves from the poverty trap and lead independent lives. The current Education for All Global Monitoring Report shows that this is still a long way off. Following this path requires commitment from business and society as well as political action.

  • Megacities

    The future of megacities

    The future of megacities

    Today, there are already 23 million people living in Shanghai. They all need living space, a functioning infrastructure, and reliable access to food, water, and energy.

    This is a challenge that also offers opportunities for sustainable urban development.

  • Training

    Training for success

    Training for success

    100 years ago, Bosch opened its first apprentices workshop. Since then, the company has provided 100,000 young people worldwide with occupational training.

    Apprentices and instructors explain what makes occupational training at Bosch so special.

  • India

    Success against all odds

    Success against all odds

    We believe that everyone deserves a chance. In the Bosch Group, we encourage people with disabilities to achieve their very best.

    People like Rangamma from India.

  • Rio

    Assuming global responsibility

    Assuming global responsibility

    Responsible use of natural resources and energy efficiency are the major challenges of the 21st century. As a leading technology company, Bosch is already developing the innovative technologies of the future.




Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland

"Leadership behavior, the example set by top management, and clear communication of the values culture are all crucial."




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In our Bosch Sustainability Blog we report on recent CSR news from the Bosch realm.




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Recent Blog Posts


April 24th, 2014
News: From gold medal to executive
Bosch trains apprentices at “WorldSkills Americas” 2014.


April 16th, 2014
News: Fresh impetus for the revolution in the home
Online tool from Bosch helps optimize the energy balance in buildings.


April 10th, 2014
News: Young female researchers wanted!
Bosch looking for the specialists of tomorrow at Girls’ Day.


April 3rd, 2014
News: Focus on sustainability ratings
How do you standardize rating systems for corporate sustainability?

by Bernhard Schwager


March 27th, 2014
News: Solar power on demand
Efficient PV storage systems have a crucial role to play in the energy revolution.


Sustainability at Bosch

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