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  • Sustainability Report 2015

    For a better world

    In 2016, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) came into force. This year’s Sustainability Report focuses on the ways in which Bosch is contributing to reaching these global targets.


  • Battery technology
    Battery technology

    Battery technology

    Moving toward clean mobility

    By 2030, the number of cars on the world’s streets is likely to double. Despite this, emissions from road traffic can be reduced. Electric vehicles will play a central role in this regard. Together with its partners, Bosch has recently reached an important milestone on the road to e-mobility.

  • Virtual power plants

    Technology for the energy turnaround

    Over the course of the transition to renewable sources of energy, a growing number of micro-plant owners are feeding power into the public grid. Virtual power plants pool and manage energy from different renewable sources with components developed by Bosch.

  • Education for Life

    Education for life

    Education is the best insurance there is. It helps people to free themselves from the poverty trap and lead independent lives. The current Education for All Global Monitoring Report shows that this is still a long way off. Following this path requires commitment from business and society as well as political action.

  • Megacities

    The future of megacities

    The future of megacities

    Today, there are already 23 million people living in Shanghai. They all need living space, a functioning infrastructure, and reliable access to food, water, and energy.

    This is a challenge that also offers opportunities for sustainable urban development.


Stakeholder in dialogue

Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

"What matters most is how companies organize their core business."

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