Regional commitment

Bosch is committed to meeting the needs of local people even outside its plants through foundations.

Bosch India Foundation

Bosch in India

With its provision of training opportunities and technical solutions, the Bosch India Foundation enables people to lead an independent life, whatever their background. It was established by five Bosch Group companies in India in 2008. Its courses include computer training for unemployed youngsters from the rural areas of India, language and self-defence courses, and bicycle repair courses for street children. Bosch India Foundation and Indian organizations also jointly finance operations for sick children and young people, for example, and help pregnant women to receive the medical care they require.

From harvester to mechanic

From harvester to mechanic

How the 19 year old Hariprasad found employment

Instituto Robert Bosch

Instituto Robert Bosch Brazil

The Instituto Robert Bosch has been supporting educational and training projects at the locations of the Bosch plants in Brazil since 2003. In keeping with the spirit of the company founder Robert Bosch, the foundation aims to enable children and young people from socially disadvantaged families to build a better future. One example is the long-term project “Peça por Peça” in Curitiba, Brazil. Through this project, the foundation has been able to provide systematic support for people in an urban area dominated by drugs and poverty. Working in tandem with the municipal authorities, a comprehensive range of training courses was developed that includes a variety of subjects and two-year vocational training in areas such as industrial production and electrical engineering.

Bosch China Charity Center

Bosch founded the Bosch China Charity Center in 2011 with the aim of coordinating the voluntary activities of its Chinese locations and implementing long-term projects. The foundation has an annual budget of CNY 25 million (three million euros), which is primarily used to finance training opportunities that will fight poverty.

One of the BCCC’s first actions was to launch a scholarship program for students from low-income families. The Bosch Bursary Program pays the university fees of 900 beginners for the first year.

Bosch Community Fund

By establishing the Bosch Community Fund (BCF) in the U.S. in 2012, Bosch strengthened its resolve to get involved in community activities at as many of its global locations as possible. There are around 90 of these in the United States, where the BCF supports local charitable projects with up to three million dollars a year. This funding is targeted at scientific, technological, and environmental initiatives.

Refugee aid

Refugee aid

More than a million people sought asylum in Germany after fleeing war, persecution, and poverty. To help refugees become active members of German society, and to provide them with access to the labor market, Bosch has launched initiatives in a number of areas. In line with the legacy of its founder Robert Bosch, the company strives to strike a balance between its business interests and its commitment to social responsibility.

In 2016, Bosch created some 400 additional internship spots for refugees. These internships are adapted to local needs and offered in cooperation with the local authorities and programs. The aim is to qualify people and help them work their way toward apprenticeships and jobs. In the process, young people can gain practical experience while at the same time learn the language and get to know German colleagues and work culture.

In order to pool activities related to the integration of refugees, in February 2016 a number of companies — including Bosch — launched the “Wir zusammen” network. The initiative aims to help refugees get started with internships, occupational training, apprenticeships, and job opportunities. At the same time, “Wir zusammen” serves to motivate company employees to contribute their time to the cause as well.

Disaster aid

One example of this is our aid to Japan and Thailand in 2011. When northern Japan was hit by an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in March 2011, we initiated a comprehensive aid package that continued till 2012. Immediately after the earthquake, Bosch made a donation of one million euros to the Red Cross. Donations from associates and a contribution from the regional subsidiary in Japan added some 230,000 euros to this sum. The Power Tools division also provided 200 tools for initial rebuilding work free of charge. Furthermore, Bosch supplied 300 housing container units for the 40,000 inhabitants of the devastated city of Higashimatsuhima, some of which were used for crèches and schools.

Another example of rapid disaster aid is our support for flood victims in Thailand. In the summer of 2011, heavy monsoon rains and tropical storms caused catastrophic floods that affected more than twelve million people in this country. The Bosch Group donated 150,000 euros to the Red Cross for emergency aid.