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The model FF 91 from Faraday Future in the icelandic mountai

It’s all about speed

Faraday Future is working on the mobility of the future — in collaboration with Bosch

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A hive of activity in an airy open-space office, with young people staring intently at their computer screens. A start-up company? Absolutely. Here in Gardena, a few kilometers south of Los Angeles, the associates at Faraday Future are inventing the mobility of tomorrow.

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Bosch and the new U.S. automakers

Faraday Future company logo
Futuristic: Faraday Future company logo

Faraday Future is one of the new tech companies based on the U.S. west coast that are boldly staking out a claim in the mobility market of the 21st century. As a technology partner, Bosch is collaborating with many of the new U.S. automakers in areas ranging from electromobility and driver assistance systems to automated driving. For example, Bosch has been collaborating with Tesla Motors Inc. in several technological fields since 2010. It regularly hits the brief for new mobility providers such as Tesla or Faraday Future.

Speed as the key to success

Bosch has been one of Faraday Future’s technology partners right from the start — in this case, mid-2014. Back then, Faraday Future employed just a handful of people — passionate designers, innovative engineers, and technology experts. And this was when Christer Jansson got to know Faraday Future. As vice president sales for North America and a global customer team leader (GCT), Jansson is the main Bosch contact for customers on the U.S. west coast. He was surprised at “the speed with which these companies take action. They ask right at the first meeting when we can deliver the product and are interested only in the very latest technologies.”

“For us, speed is the decisive competitive factor,” says Tom Wessner, vice president of global supply chain at Faraday Future. “And let’s not forget: getting a product on the market fast means cost savings.” In 2016, some 1,000 Faraday Future associates were working on a new vision of mobility.

Working with Mr. Bosch

Christer Jansson, vice president sales North America and global customer team leader, Bosch
Christer Jansson, vice president sales North America and global customer team leader, Bosch

With its various divisions, Bosch Mobility Solutions offers a portfolio that covers nearly all aspects of mobility — a virtually limitless range of highly diverse technologies. The new mobility providers want a comprehensive idea of the technological possibilities that Bosch can open up for them. When they meet with a GCT, they meet with a central Bosch contact person: a kind of Mr. or Ms. Bosch who will work with them to find the ideal solutions for their requirements, searching across the entire technology portfolio as well as all divisions. The GCT coordinates customer support and product management for product development that is tailored to the customer’s needs, involving the relevant divisions and functional areas where necessary.

Technology partnership at a new pace

Joseph Kurcz, director of engineering, Faraday Future
Joseph Kurcz, director of engineering, Faraday Future

Faraday Future’s collaboration with Bosch is also all about speed. Joseph Kurcz, Director of Engineering, Faraday Future, says: “Bosch learned better than all the rest how to get faster. For example, in contrast to how things were before, I’m now in touch with just one salesperson and three engineers at Bosch, which speeds up processes considerably.” Wessner adds, “Right from the start, I found Bosch to be a reliable partner that delivers what it promises: to develop an even better product. Bosch demonstrates precisely the mindset that will allow us to seize new market opportunities together.”

Bosch is placing its technologies at the service of the new U.S. automakers

Boosting start-up business – with Bosch technologies

The iBooster electromechanical brake booster from Bosch
Market-ready technology: Bosch’s iBooster

The iBooster electromechanical brake booster is one of the Bosch products that the new U.S. automakers are particularly interested in. Besides the technology itself, they especially value the product’s maturity. What made the difference for Kurcz? “The iBooster paves the way for automated driving. It all goes to show that Bosch detects technological trends early on and invests in them.”

Together with over-the-air data technology, this is opening up further opportunities for the new software-driven world of mobility. “With the data about use we gather over the air, we can adapt our product development even faster to customer needs,” Jansson says.

Working to make tomorrow’s mobility a reality

Associates in the open-plan Faraday Future office in Gardena

For Wessner, one thing is certain: “When it comes to carving out a place for our company in the global mobility market, it’s good to have a partner with global experience like Bosch. Long-term partners like Bosch will help us achieve high quality.”

Jansson is proud of what he and his team have achieved with customers like Tesla and Faraday Future: “People have freedom to be creative and make their own decisions. This new way of working motivates individuals and makes us faster as a company. With its technologies, Bosch is in a position not only to shape innovative and sustainable mobility concepts, but also to drive them forward.”


On the west coast of the U.S., Faraday Future is working on the mobility of the future. Bosch is acting as a technology partner for this young company, supplying products such as the iBooster, an electromechanical brake booster.

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