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We spearhead innovation at Bosch

Taking action worldwide to consolidate and expand Bosch’s innovative capabilities, it is our divisions that conduct research into the technologies that will shape the future and help to drive today’s innovations forward.

Start shaping the future today

Research is a global issue, because efficiency, safety, comfort and sustainability are concerns that affect everyone, everywhere. That’s why we choose to operate in a global network that prioritizes scientific excellence. While facilitating contact between in-house Bosch experts, this network also brings on board leading external partners. What emerges are interdisciplinary teams that encompass different cultures and working models, offering a wealth of insights from science and industry.

Our activities here extend from applied research through to scouting work. The breadth and diversity of our network helps us create technology that is “Invented for life” and allows us to make a key contribution to the company’s overall performance.

Our accomplishments bridge the gap between illusion and reality and open up new lines of business. The environment we create is one that embodies and nurtures superior know-how and technical excellence. We achieve excellence – and that makes us a valued partner for all Bosch divisions.

Research at Bosch is not just about exploring the technologies that will generate additional value in the next generation of products. It also means investigating the key issues that lie beyond that. The results of our research are channeled into countless different applications. By discovering and developing new technologies and methods, we lay the foundations for successfully transferring relevant findings into the Bosch divisions.

eBike system from Bosch

Our success stories

How do we create technology “Invented for life”? With our enthusiasm for new technology and a clear realization that our products should make people’s lives easier. Our success stories demonstrate the merits of that approach. Take a look for yourself – we think you’ll agree we’re on the right track!

Innovations that fascinate people

Bosch is where tomorrow’s success stories start – all thanks to technology that is “Invented for life”.

The results of Bosch Research are channeled into a wealth of different applications. We are determined to meet people’s needs in the future, which is why we place so much emphasis on identifying global megatrends. At the same time, we take care to analyze each trend and the potential applications it offers to determine whether they are compatible with what we do. The sheer scale of the research and development infrastructure at Bosch requires us to manage all the steps in the process carefully – from the idea right through to the finished product.

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The journey from idea ...

… to final product involves the work of many different people. Take a moment to learn more about our experts. Or take a look at how we make innovations possible by forging alliances with research institutes, universities and partners.