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Future of healthcare solutions – accessible innovations

Bosch Healthcare Solutions aims to deliver better care with cutting-edge innovations

The products and services from Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS) improve peoples’ health and quality of life. In doing so, we represent the leading Bosch principle “Invented for Life.” Our high level of technology competence makes us the partner of choice for innovative solutions in the healthcare and medical technology sectors.

The future of healthcare solutions

Global challenge to provide care

The global megatrend affecting demographic patterns in developed countries leads to aging societies with increasing age-related diseases, causing severe problems to national healthcare systems. In fast growing emerging countries, the rise of prosperity leads to a rapid increase in the prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes. Future medicine will successfully cure or manage most life-threatening diseases. But, the combination of aging or growing societies with more expensive individual care will place enormous financial pressure on healthcare systems worldwide.


share of GDP spent on healthcare for EU Member states France, Germany and Sweden in 2015

Innovation in the technologies that provide healthcare can both realize the advantages of individualized patient care and turn a rising tide of healthcare expenses.

Better diagnoses, better care

Complex diseases like cancer pose greater threats to life the longer they remain undetected. In the future, it will be possible to diagnose such diseases earlier and more precisely. That enables doctors to fight the disease with measures individualized to the patient, improving its effectiveness.

Patients could gain greater access to treatment options than ever before. By automating care options and making them available to the patient where they are, individual care will be viable for many who otherwise could not access it.

The future of personalized treatment

Highly automated solutions for precise and sensitive in-vitro diagnostics as well as the production of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) at the point of care (PoC) can address the needs for personalized healthcare. The newly funded “Robert Bosch Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen” (RBCT) and the related planned clinical study center at the Robert Bosch Hospital (RBK) will be dedicated to personalized healthcare in oncology.


projected increase in cancer deaths from 2008 to 2030 (Source: WHO)

New business unit Bosch Healthcare Solutions

The strong alliance of CR with the new business unit Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS) and the Robert Bosch Hospital enables fast time to market for new healthcare solutions. The Vivalytic Lab-on-Chip solution from BHCS is the ideal platform to address the future needs of precise and fast diagnostics at the PoC. The long-term mission for Bosch is to develop BHCS into a sustainable business unit. Innovating new medical technologies in a market under pressure from rising expenses presents a unique opportunity to improve patient care and reduce costs.


The new Bosch Healthcare Solutions business unit is poised to bring new healthcare solutions quickly to the market. Bosch prepares for a future of more individualized healthcare solutions with research into advanced therapy and automated diagnostics.

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