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new business

Investment in ideas

The horizon is constantly growing for Bosch – and we invite the possibilities this brings. The “New Business” field of innovation creates a space to grow ideas for future endeavors at Bosch. We cultivate ideas that could create new markets or tech to address global trends such as the future of mobility and smart agriculture.

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Future of Mobility

Our vision is clear: We provide equal access to activities and goods – for everyone, everywhere. We see transport as a means of giving people access to the activities and goods that are meaningful in their lives. To help achieve common sustainability goals, we strive for innovative mobility solutions that get to the root causes of transport related challenges. Out of urbanization and mobility trends we identify opportunities to realize a true mobility transformation. And we don’t take the road well-traveled. Instead of improvements to existing technologies, we look at solutions under a new paradrigm – avoid, shift and improve.

Avoid – Shift – Improve

Solutions should avoid unnecessary transportation effort and time. They should shift traffic to more sustainable modes such as walking, cycling and public mass transit. And they should improve transport quality as well as urban traffic efficiency. The solutions we pursue are anchored in these objectives.

In areas with dense population, future urban mobility must make efficient use of the space given for transportation – a need greater than ever. Cities grow and increasingly face congestion along these corridors. Without an abundance of extra space, the focus shifts to more space efficient modes of transit.

A bus can transport more than four times the amount of people per hour in a transit corridor in comparison to individual transport using cars. Bicycles transport seven times the amount of people per hour compared to cars.

This information helps illustrate the opportunity to make transit corridors economical while the real destination is a sustainable configuration of transportation. This will include high shares of active travel (walking and cycling) as well as public transit.

transformative mobility
Source: TUMI:

Transforming mobility will bring improvements on multiple fronts such as climate protection, health and well-being, reduced inequality with affordable transportation services and improved quality of life.

Smart agriculture

Another important area of development is smart agriculture. Sustainable agricultural production that is resilient to climate change and is resource efficient will be aided by automation, connected solutions and data services. Our purpose is to shape and support innovative approaches to increase food production while using natural resources more efficiently – the outcome being more holisitic concepts brought into action across the food value chain.

The core challenge in future agriculture and food production is the shift to more resource efficiency and sustainability in all areas of the food value chain.

Meeting the moment

Holistic concepts move away from the singular focus of production volume to consider global trends. These concepts seek to increase sustainable agriculture to promote biodiversity. They try to avoid agricultural emissions and place focus on reducing waste and improving traceability to boost the efficiency and sustainability of food systems.

Making that a reality requires the kind of data and information that Bosch can provide through its connected solutions and services. Active players in the market can strengthen their profitability through increased yields, reduces costs, enhanced quality and decision support when managing risks.

An example of such a holistic solution is NEVONEX. An open, manufacturer-independent digital ecosystem for agriculture. NEVONEX enables agriculture players to develop, deploy and use integrated digital services along the entire agricultural process chain fast, easy and direct via the machine into the field. NEVONEX makes agricultural machinery intelligent, simplifies farmer’s daily work and ensures the seamless and direct use of bundled expert knowledge. Another important building block in Bosch's corporate strategy to advance digitization in agriculture. Bosch Research is developing Data- and AI-Service to enable a secure data exchange between data users, for example based on Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to increases the attractiveness of sharing data for applications such as data analytics or AI training.

Another example is our Smart Spraying technology. Using cameras and artificial intelligence, our smart spraying technology identifies weeds and sprays herbicides only where needed. This creates major cost savings and avoids needless harm to biodiversity – all by using only as much herbicide as absolutely necessary.

Smart Spraying


Innovation thrives when ideas are given creative space to grow. The New Business field of innovation at Bosch Research invests in ideas for new tech and markets that address important global trends.

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