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Efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility – pursuing this trifecta in production keeps Bosch a competitive leader in future production systems. The factory of the future will embody these traits, especially in the areas of digitalization, artificial intelligence, quality, safety, security and sustainability. Being a leader in technology will make it possible to do more with less and quickly adapt to changes in customer demands – ultimately making Bosch a cost leader in production.

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The Production Systems field of innovation at Bosch takes on the challenge of implementing innovative and disruptive solutions in manufacturing environments. We organize around four clusters: Internet of Production, Basic Technologies, AI in Production and Production System Solutions. We work tirelessly on innovative products in these areas, and we follow through and accompany development partners until our solutions can be implemented at scale in factories.

Internet of Production

The Internet of Production cluster encompasses digitalization of manufacturing. The core aim is to optimize production using standardized production IT solutions, highly efficient data management and Digital Twins – fully virtual simulations of real production environments. One significant challenge in this space is the effort required to integrate data from a multitude of sources – machines, devices, enterprise resource planners or manufacturing execution systems. Bosch is developing an integrated Industry 4.0 platform – the I4.0 Knowledge Graph – to address the challenge. The I4.0 Knowledge Graph enables flexible linking and integration of heterogeneous data sources and provides efficient data access for I4.0 applications.

In production, there is a very large number of data sources including countless IT systems and a wide range of machine types. And they all record different types of data in different formats. The I4.0 Knowledge Graph collects and intelligently connects related data from a broad range of sources. The special feature of the solution is that it uses a semantic data model to save data along with its meaning this way allowing analysis at the push of button.

Basic Technologies

The Basic Technologies cluster focuses on creating unique selling points for products and production through innovative manufacturing technologies For example, there is a high potential for achieving functional advantages as well as significant cost savings in the field of power electronics by application of enhanced Additive Manufacturing processes. Thereby one of the central research focuses is on complementing classical Additive Manufacturing by hybrid and multi-material capabilities while keeping its well-known strengths in terms of design freedom and complexity of printed parts.


AI in Production

The AI in Production cluster centers around enabling higher efficiency and robustness of manufacturing processes. These individual optimizations are based on machine learning algorithms. The impact from AI in Production is far-reaching, especially when it comes to reducing production costs, thanks to data-driven process optimizations. Intelligent and self-controlled processes evaluate individual productions situations to further contribute to cost savings.

The cluster develops hybrid model-based machine learning methods to achieve these targets. Machine learning can also yield innovative data-driven process monitoring and work piece quality prediction. Using artificial intelligence to analyze production data is another key objective. Creating knowledge of complex, unknown correlations between processes can lead to mastery of interactions between manufacturing steps.

The Production Systems field of innovation at Bosch takes on the challenge of implementing innovative and disruptive solutions in manufacturing environments.

Production System Solutions

The final cluster Production System Solutions entails efforts to increase flexibility and cost efficiency of future machinery and production equipment. State of the art approaches and intelligent components will ensure that Bosch remains an innovative provider for industrial technology.

Versatile production systems and technologies to advance these systems are a core focus for this cluster. Attention is also placed on new approaches for risk and safety assessment, which is increasingly important in future production scenarios.



The Production Systems field of innovation at Bosch aims to maintain Bosch’s position as a competitive leader in future production systems. The factory of the future will be efficient, effective and flexible, making it possible to do more with less and adapt to quickly changing demand.

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