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Expert knowledge for a better quality of life

Research at Bosch is interdisciplinary. This approach helps us build up expertise that combines multiple areas of specialization. The resulting mix forms the core of our product development process and this is what uniquely distinguishes us from our competitors. If you want to tackle the key issues that will shape the future and bring them firmly center stage, you need creative minds who know how to focus on what really counts. Find out more about our experts and their areas of specialization. Browse a selection of their scholarly publications and find out more about their most successful inventions, including key advances made possible by Bosch software.

Research experts

Our research experts

Research at Bosch covers a broad spectrum – so it’s essential to have the right know-how on board. Find out more about our experts and explore the key topics we’re working on.

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Success stories

We develop technology “Invented for life”. That’s our way of saying that our solutions make their way into people’s everyday lives, helping and supporting those who come into contact with them. Check out some of our innovations here.

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Open and Inner Source

We believe the future of software development belongs to communities – environments in which people collaborate effectively and efficiently across boundaries. The commitment we have shown to open source and inner source over many years reflects this belief, and it will continue to have a major influence on Bosch software development as we move forward.

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Successful research ...

… is visible and tangible. Our research findings can be found in a wide variety of products that people come across in many different areas of their daily lives. Find out more about them – and about us.