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Ganzhou Wang

Optimizing energy systems towards a CO2 neutral world

"On our way towards CO2 neutrality, we are facing rapid changes in the world of energy. System engineering helps us to identify where this development is going and which technologies need to be "invented for life"."
Ganzhou Wang

Optimization of energy systems towards CO2 neutrality has always been my favorite subject. During my PhD funded by the Bosch Research Foundation, I started to do research into sustainable technologies that enable transformation of the emission-intensive chemical industry. I have been active in Bosch Research since 2016 where I continue my search for system and technology solutions towards CO2-free living.

Curriculum vitae

  1. Research engineer in Dept. Advanced Energy Systems, Robert Bosch GmbH
  2. Research assistent on topic "Power-to-ammonia: sustainable production and long-term energy storage for a renewable German energy system", RWTH Aachen, Bosch Research Foundation
  3. Dipl.-Ing. majored in Technical Cybernetics, Uni Stuttgart

Selected publications

  • Renewable production of ammonia and nitric acid

    G. Wang, et al. (2020)

    Renewable production of ammonia and nitric acid
    • G. Wang, A. Mitsos, W. Marquardt
    • AIChE Journal, 66(6): e16947
  • Publications

    L. Bommer, et al. (2020)

    • L. Bommer, P. Mielcarek, D. Steiner, G. Wang
    • WO20127088
  • Publications

    L. Bommer, et al. (2020)

    • L. Bommer, P. Mielcarek, D. Steiner, G. Wang
  • Publications

    L. Bommer, et al. (2019)

    Deionisierungsvorrichtung zum Deionisieren von Flüssigkeiten, Verfahren zum Herstellen einer Deionisierungsvorrichtung und Verfahren zum Betreiben einer Deionisierungsvorrichtung: DE102018204649
    • L. Bommer, P. Mielcarek, D. Steiner, G. Wang

Interview with Ganzhou Wang

Ganzhou Wang

Research engineer for energy system analysis

Please tell us what fascinates you most about research.
I enjoy working in the field of scientific discovery in which one works on something innovative and new for the benefit of everybody.

What makes research done at Bosch so special?
The corporate culture and the people around it. Bosch provides a cooperative and trustful working environment, especially here on the research campus. You never hear any complaints. People accept that things do not always go as smoothly as expected and always keep a positive attitude.

What research topics are you currently working on at Bosch?
We are developing mathematical models of energy systems on different scales and implement optimizations for energy analysis and planning. Apart from that, we also offer consulting to business units on energy-related topics, particularly on the transition away from nuclear and fossil fuels as well as on reduction of CO2 emissions.

What are the biggest scientific challenges in your field of research?
Our energy systems today are becoming more and more complex due to increasing uncertainties and interdependencies. At the same time, we have gained access to more and more data through digitalization. The question of how we can make use of this data in our model-based optimization projects to reduce the computational effort while improving the stability and quality of solutions is one of the biggest challenges we face in our research.

How do the results of your research become part of solutions "Invented for life"?
Thanks to our research, one of our business units was already able to further advance their technological development strategies towards the goal of CO2 neutrality. Our involvement in the analysis of business potential paves the way for new energy technologies entering the market.

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Ganzhou Wang
Research engineer for energy system analysis

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