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Our research experts

Ralf Angerbauer

IT Advance Development – artificial intelligence, cryptography, blockchain, edge computing

“Innovation drives us, and it is fascinating to turn ideas into reality”

Ralf Angerbauer, Director IT Advance Development

Currently I am the director of IT Advance Development with the focus topics artificial intelligence, blockchain, and edge computing. Before that I had a deep dive in the battery business and I have influenced different Bosch activities in terms of high voltage batteries for powertrains within Bosch for the past 10 years. I started at Bosch in 1999 as a trainee in research and development with a background in electrical engineering and computer science, focusing on communications and cryptography.

Curriculum vitae

IT Advance Development


The application of IoT and digitalization at Bosch are more and more in focus

High-voltage batteries at Bosch


A start-up at Bosch focusing on the new topic of HV batteries at Bosch

Trainee at Bosch


Start at Bosch as a trainee in research and development

Oregon State University


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Stuttgart and in Corvallis

Selected publications

  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2016)

    Battery module design
    • R. Angerbauer, B. Grauer, U. Lange, T. Klemen, L. Loewenau, D. Mack, M. Rosenkranz, M. Weiß, J. Salziger, D. Rychtarik
    • EP3196955A1
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2014)

    Battery system with a plurality of battery cells and a degassing
    • R. Angerbauer, M. Stein, A. Wengert
    • DE102014208062A1
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2014)

    Receptacle for a battery module, and battery module having a receptacle of this kind
    • R. Angerbauer, S. Baumann, C. Müller, E. Reimer, A. Rühle, M. Ruß-Mohl
    • US2017/0237113 A
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2013)

    Short-circuit detection apparatus for detecting short circuits of a battery cell and method for short-circuit detection
    • R. Angerbauer, J. Fetzer, A. Reitzle
    • US2015/0102817 A
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2009)

    Method for determining contact and connector resistances in a battery pack and battery system for determining contact and connector resistances in a battery pack
    • R. Angerbauer, E. Böhm
    • WO2011072939A1
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2007)

    A method for switching between at least two modes of operation of a processor unit as well as corresponding processor unit
    • R. Angerbauer, S. Benz, B. Müller, R. Gmehlich, R. Weiberle
    • US2007/0277023 A
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2007)

    Method and device for monitoring the validity of protected commands in a data procesing unit
    • R. Angerbauer, E. Böhl, T. Kottke, B. Müller
    • EP1777623A3
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2003)

    Method for activating or deactivating data stored in a memory arrangement of a microcomputer system
    • R. Angerbauer, A. Heindl, K. Schneider
    • US2003/0018905 A
  • Publications

    Robert Bosch GmbH (2002)

    Method of protecting a microcomputer system against manipulation of data stored in a storage assembly of the microcomputer system
    • R. Angerbauer, M. Beuten, B. Illg, K. Schneider
    • US2002/0194479 A
  • Publications

    R. Schur et al. (2000)

    Reduction of guard interval by impulse compression for DMT modulation on twisted pair cables
    • R. Schur, J. Speidel, R. Angerbauer
    • IEEE. Global Telecommunications Conference


Ralf Angerbauer

Ralf Angerbauer

Director IT Advance Development

“Please tell us what fascinates you most about research.”

What always fascinates me about research over and over again is developing new ideas and tackling challenges. And, of course I am thrilled when my ideas also become innovations and are used in products at Bosch, for instance the tuning protection mechanism for engine control units or the first high-voltage battery in volume production at Bosch.

Ralf Angerbauer

Ralf Angerbauer

Director IT Advance Development

“What makes research done at Bosch so special?”

Typically, research at Bosch is incredibly multifaceted and wide in scope. Close collaboration with different divisions and different domains and departments each with their particular experts in research promotes the discovery and development of innovations.

Ralf Angerbauer

Ralf Angerbauer

Director IT Advance Development

“What research topics are you currently working on at Bosch?”

Until recently, I was working intensively on the topic of electrification and battery technology, in which I helped to prepare Bosch for electrification. Meanwhile, I am working on new future-oriented topics like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and edge computing.

Ralf Angerbauer

Ralf Angerbauer

Director IT Advance Development

“What are the biggest scientific challenges in your field of research?”

In the field of artificial intelligence, the greatest challenge for Bosch is autonomous driving. Even in my early days at Bosch I was dealing with reliable electronics for X-by-wire systems as an electronic substitute for mechanical components. The factors of reliability and safety are becoming increasingly important with advances in autonomous driving.

Ralf Angerbauer

Ralf Angerbauer

Director IT Advance Development

“How do the results of your research become part of solutions "Invented for life"?”

The topics I work on are things that are intended for implementation in standard products at Bosch with the aim of improving life, either directly or indirectly. A case in point is the battery for Bosch’s first fully electric powertrain, which will be used in the Fiat 500. Driving this vehicle is really great fun, and at the same time the technology helps reduce emissions.

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