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Torsten Welfonder

Digitization in building technology

“Digitization in building technology will revolutionize the way we build, operate, and experience buildings. Building information modeling (BIM) in particular generates a high potential for change, while at the same time creating opportunities to develop new business segments.”

Torsten Welfonder

The topic of energy efficiency in buildings is where my passion lies. After studying mechanical engineering, I initially took up a position at Transsolar developing energy concepts for large commercial buildings. Since 2007, I’ve been working in research at Bosch. One of the focal points of my work is the simulation and model-based optimization of energy systems in buildings. On top of that, since 2017 I have been head of the working group BIM@Bosch, whose goal is to prepare Bosch for digitization in building technology.

Curriculum vitae

Robert Bosch GmbH

2007 - present

Bosch Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering, future building technology systems

Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH


Energy concepts and thermal simulation of commercial buildings

University of Stuttgart


Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in energy efficiency

Selected publications

  • Publications

    T. Welfonder (2018)

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Planung am Puls der Zeit?
    • Stuttgart Planertage 2018
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder (2018)

    BIM im Gebäudebetrieb
    • 3. VDI-Fachkonferenz "BIM in der Gebäudetechnik - Von der Planung bis zum Betrieb"
  • Publications

    S. H. Mirebrahim et al. (2017)

    A Clustering-based Rule-Mining Approach for Monitoring Long-term Energy Use and Understanding System Behavior
    • S. H. Mirebrahim, M. Shokoohi-Yekta, U. Kurup, T. Welfonder, M. Shah
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder (2006)

    Design and evaluation of Bioclimatic Buildings
    • Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder et al. (2003)

    TRNFLOW: Integration of the COMIS air current simulation model in the TRNSYS building model TYPE 56; TRNFLOW: Integration des Luftstroemungsmodels COMIS in das TRNSYS Gebaeudemodel TYPE 56
    • T. Welfonder, M. Hiller, S. Holst, A. Weber, M. Koschenz
    • ETDEWEB, p. 349-356
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder et al. (2003)

    Air conditioning concept for the PRISMA administrative building, Frankfurt; Klimakonzept Verwaltungsgebaeude PRISMA, Frankfurt
    • T. Welfonder, Th. Auer, A. Knirsch
    • ETDEWEB, p. 462-467
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder et al. (2003)

    Improvement on the capabilitie s of trnsys15
    • Eighth International IBPSA Conference Eindhoven, Netherlands August 11-14, 2003
    • T. Welfonder, M. Hiller, S. Holst, A. Knirsch
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder et al. (2002)

    TRNFLOW: Integrating of COMIS into TRNSYS TYPE 56
    • A. Weber, M. Koschenz, S. Holst, M. Hiller, T. Welfonder
    • The 3rd European Conference on Energy Performance & Indoor Climate in Buildings
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder (2002)

    TRNSYS/ife - ein neues Nutzerinterface für TRNSYS 15 zur einfachen und schnellen Simulation einer thermischen Gebäudezone
    • Zwölftes Symposium Thermische Solarenergie 24. bis 26. April 2002
  • Publications

    T. Welfonder et al. (1996)

    Design and realization of pressure control for a solar powered electrolyzer ATP
    • P. Mohr, V. Peinecke, T. Welfonder
    • vol. 38, issue 9, p. 42-48

Interview with Torsten Welfonder

Senior Expert – Digitalization in Building Technology

Please tell us what fascinates you most about research.
In general, the thing that appeals to me about research is the diversity of the work. It’s fascinating to think about how I can apply intelligent solutions from another area to my current problem.

What makes research done at Bosch so special?
Research at Bosch is so appealing to me because the energy-efficient features I develop can have a very wide global reach. What’s more, having the different operational areas means there are fantastic opportunities to utilize synergies and to transfer solutions from one area to another or to combine knowledge.

What research topics are you currently working on at Bosch?
How digitization in building technology will revolutionize the way we build, operate, and experience buildings.

What are the biggest scientific challenges in your field of research?
By 2050, we will need to have doubled the entire global building stock in order to accommodate the projected growth of the population. In addition, new buildings will have to be of low cost and use next to no primary energy (net zero energy buildings).

How do the results of your research become part of solutions "Invented for life"?
To be able to achieve the rate of new buildings required by 2050 with minimal consumption of resources, there needs to be a revolution in the way in which we build and operate buildings. This can only happen through digitization. This is where my research at Bosch makes a significant contribution.

Torsten Welfonder
Torsten Welfonder

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Torsten Welfonder
Senior Expert – Digitalization in Building Technology

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