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Success stories

From idea to final product – notable inventions

Research and innovation have played a key role in our company history. Successful products are – in our view – inseparably linked to successful inventions.

eBike system

Success stories are more than just good ideas

We see our inventions as more than just proof of our achievements. They testify to successful product development, but they also serve the wider purpose of helping to create products that bring added value to society, a goal we have pursued ever since our company was founded. Robert Bosch’s first major invention was based on improvements to a magneto ignition device for stationary engines. Ever since then, we have stayed true to our founder’s vision that inventions should always strive to improve on the status quo. That’s why we focus on areas where we see a need for improvements or for intelligent technologies and solutions. The inventions designed to meet that need to pass through many stages before we are ready to launch a successful new product.

Our researchers are comfortable working across a wide range of disciplines and are always mindful of their mission to create technology "Invented for life". They work closely with their colleagues from the development departments to achieve that goal. This collaboration helps us determine whether an invention might be suitable for a specific product improvement, or perhaps even for a whole range of applications.

Virtually all Bosch’s successful inventions originate at Bosch Research and testify to the success that can be achieved when research and development departments join forces. What matters most in each and every case is that our joint efforts help to improve people’s quality of life, whether in a personal or professional context.

What drives Bosch Research

The perfect combination: knowledge acquired by our experts drives innovation in our products. Find out more about both.