3D art map for navigation

3D artMap – easy and personalized automotive navigation

Powered by expressive rendering technologies, 3D artMap is the world’s first artistic 3D map for navigation. 3D artMap was adopted as an automotive industry standard for navigation data and now appears in several in-car navigation products. It does away with information clutter and offers easy orientation and a personalized navigation experience.

Mobile device shows 3D art map for navigation

Expressive 3D rendering

3D artMap is the world’s first artistic 3D map for navigation. Powered by expressive rendering – or non-photorealistic rendering – technologies, 3D artMap highlights important information on a map with an artistic look for easy orientation and a personalized navigation experience.

Patented technologies

Visual computing research conducted at Bosch Research in Silicon Valley led to several patents such as highly efficient expressive rendering solutions on extremely low-power embedded platforms, automatic artistic enhancements of photorealistic 3D data for different artistic styles, and online procedural modeling to generate stylized 3D buildings from 2D footprints and building descriptions.

Drawing the line between form and function

3D artMap uses different artistic forms such as line drawing, water coloring, and oil painting to provide a harmonious and consistent presentation for special landmarks as well as common buildings.

In contrast with existing 3D photorealistic map representations, where buildings are presented with distracting details, the new stylized visual presentation enhances look and feel by highlighting important navigation aspects. It de-emphasizes unnecessary visual details in an exceptional way to provide easy orientation, minimum distraction, and safer driving.

The many artMap styles not only provide a new personalized in-car navigation experience for users, but also create branding opportunities for OEMs. Furthermore, 3D artMap requires far less storage compared with highly detailed photorealistic data, making it suitable for low-power embedded platforms.

A growing presence worldwide

As a unique selling point for Bosch infotainment products, 3D artMap was introduced to the European market in the first Boschnavigation app product by Bosch Car Multimedia in November 2010. It has since found a home in several in-car navigation products and has helped with new market entry in countries such as China.

The 3D artMap highlights map importance with an artistic look.

With these successful launches, 3D artMap was adopted as part of the Navigation Data Standard (NDS), a standardized format for automotive-grade navigation databases in the industry. 3D artMap has been enhanced with new input modalities, high-definition graphics and connectivity, and it continues to attract the attention of vehicle manufacturers at CES events.


The 3D artMap from Bosch uses patented innovations in 3D navigation to deliver an intuitive and distraction-free navigation system with stylized graphics that is optimal for low-power platforms.

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