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Bosch APAS – flexible robots collaborate in Industry 4.0

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) will assume an essential role in Industry 4.0. HRC-capable robots, like the automatic production assistant APAS, can work directly and safely together with humans without the need for an additional safety enclosure. They serve as an extremely versatile production tool within Industry 4.0.

Bosch APAS – world’s first certified human-robot collaboration system

Machines with flexible skills

Machines that are not application-specific offer flexibility that is important for versatile production in Industry 4.0. Focus is centering on such flexible manufacturing systems and mobile assistance. Since they can be adapted quickly, they enable significant process optimization, manufacturing of small batches cost-effectively – even down to batches of one. This capability meets customers’ individualized preferences, crucial for smart factories. Human-robot collaboration (HRC) will also assume an essential role in Industry 4.0. HRC-capable robots, which can work directly and safely together with humans without the need for an additional safety enclosure. They serve as an extremely versatile production tool within Industry 4.0.

Simple to use – quick to deploy

APAS was developed to simplify the use of robot technology to such an extent that the average trained worker could use it without expert knowledge to independently implement various applications, such as machine loading, palettization, or assembly. Due to the advantage of a shortened production ramp-up phase, APAS is ideally suited for deployment in a manufacturing environment that is characterized by even shorter product life cycles.

First to market

After the first APAS prototypes were built, we worked tirelessly to build functionalities that matched the needs of the end user. Rigorous testing validated that APAS was a safe and mature system. That led to full certification from the employers' liability insurance association for operation without a safety enclosure. Bosch became the world’s first supplier of a certified contactless HRC robot system.


APAS — recipient of Robert Bosch Innovation Award

APAS family

Further improvements led to the APAS family concept, which comprises various process modules. This realizes the vision for extremely versatile manufacturing units that can be quickly set up according to specific requirements.

The APAS assistant mobile is a multipurpose, collaborative mobile robot for smart factories. It can be used anywhere and adapt to various tasks. It speaks to end users who value the rapid and economical implementation of production equipment.

With the APAS family, Bosch has market-ready solutions for Industry 4.0 manufacturing systems.


The APAS production assistant from Bosch is the world’s first certified, contactless working human-robot collaboration system. The flexible APAS family systems offer market-ready solutions for quick deployment in dynamic manufacturing environments.

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