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E-bikes the Bosch way – drive expertise for the bicycle

eBike system

Bosch eBike Systems has been equipping e-bikes with powerful drives since 2011. We deliver an experience that provides riders with powerful and dynamic assistance as well as a high level of comfort and convenience. We develop innovative transmission concepts for a compact, efficient, and quiet high-performance drive.

Powered bicycle

We use lithium-ion technology in power tools and hybrid vehicles – why not for bicycles too? This question put us on the path to creating the Bosch eBike System, a new standard for powered bicycles.

We drew on existing Bosch technologies and expertise to make a special product. Our experience with electric motors, transmission units, power electronics, sensors, batteries, displays, control units, control technologies, and large-scale production all contributed to the eBike System.


weight of eBike System drive unit

Quiet ride

To develop a low-noise drive unit, we identified noise sources in acoustic labs using high-precision measuring techniques. After pinpointing noise sources in the drive unit, we measured the intensity and radiation of the sound as it travelled to the rider’s ear. Then, we designed measures to limit the biggest noise culprits.

Innovative design

The eBike System boasts an innovative single-stage transmission – a first for e-bikes. The special gears combined with the light, quiet Bosch motor and a smart triple-sensor concept gave rise to an innovative drive design. The drive weighs just 2.9 kg, is 25 percent smaller than before and reduces noise. The result is a slim design with a flowing form and harmonious contours. Bosch features this award-winning design in its Active Line models.

Not all riders have the same needs, however. Bosch also offers Performance Line drives, featuring unique sensor technology. Additional product lines are in the works, offering benefits for riders of all stripes.

eBike system in the city

Smooth ride

For a relaxing, environmentally friendly ride, a drive must satisfy the highest quality requirements. We developed high performance lubricants that provide smooth, quiet and efficient operation of all the mechanical components, increasing its longevity. We analyzed each wear point in the entire drive and determined the appropriate chemical composition of the lubricant, ensuring precise application.


measurements per second for torque, speed and acceleration on eBike System

Sense of satisfaction

The triple-sensor in Bosch drives measures torque, speed, and acceleration more than 1,000 times per second and precisely determines the level of assistance required by the rider in real time. That delivers amazing performance and makes riding safer.

The Bosch eBike System brings high performance technology to the bicycle and sets a new standard for rider satisfaction.


The Bosch eBike System combines an innovative single-stage transmission, a quiet and lightweight motor and a triple sensor system into an innovative and fascinating mobility solution.

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