Ultrashort pulse technology

Ultrashort pulse technology for industrial manufacturing

Ultrashort pulse technology enables new component designs and products through high-precision micromachining without thermal stress or subsequent processing. Our research scientists laid the foundations for successful implementation of these technologies in volume production at Bosch.

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High precision manufacturing

Bosch has developed the ultrashort pulse laser technology into a commercially viable, robust industrial manufacturing process that enables high-precision micromachining in mass production.

We grew the ultrashort pulse technology into a multifunctional tool for processing materials at the micrometer scale. It is an effective technology for drilling, applying structures, shaping, cutting, trimming, and more.

0.000000000000001 s

a femtosecond, the timescale on which ultrashort laser pulses are measured

Incredible technological achievement

Ultrashort pulse laser technology refers to the generation and use of laser pulses in time scales on which electronic and molecular processes take place. To imagine these microscopic time intervals, consider that it takes one second for light from earth to reach the moon. The time that it takes for light to travel one millimeter is an extremely tiny fraction of that time – three picoseconds – and that is the upper range of time needed for the pulses.

Pushing the boundaries

The ultrashort pulse laser technology is an innovation that makes it possible to manufacture products faster, more economically, and with lessened environmental impact. New products can now be brought onto the market in large quantities. These products have the potential to perform better as well as be more environmentally and user-friendly than previously possible. The boundaries of production technology are expanding.

Benefits of ultrashort pulse technology

Ultrashort pulse technology enables industrial production to perform the final machining of a component flexibly and with great precision. This is possible because it has a minimal thermal influence on the part and no re-machining is required after processing.


improvement of process times in industrial mass production

Complex industrial production

Another major breakthrough was the development of suitable processes for industrial mass production. The key innovation enables melt-free machining with the highest precision while achieving process times that are around one hundred times shorter. This complex process was the final major step in introducing ultrashort pulse technology to mass production.

All of the requirements of industrial production could be fulfilled thanks to the innovations developed by the project group – another example of teams achieving greatness at Bosch.


Bosch successfully made ultrashort pulse laser technology a commercially viable industrial manufacturing process, opening the door for a new wave of products that can be produced faster and with lessened environmental impact.

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