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Succeeding together

Forging alliances with leading research institutes, universities and partners.

Bosch strives to forge alliances with a variety of partners from research and industry. We are particularly interested in projects that have the potential to solve tomorrow’s challenges today. That scenario provides the perfect opportunity for innovative ideas to move rapidly into practice and gain a solid foothold. Partnering with us gives you a great chance to boost your innovative capabilities even further. As a partner you can trust, our role is to make that journey easier for you and to provide you with the resources you need along the way.

Face-to-face with the experts

Benefits for research

Working together with a global player such as Bosch gives our partners a valuable insight into industry. It allows you to incorporate the latest business developments into your research, and to test theories in practice. We believe that all research should in practice adhere to the standards of high-level research. We can help you achieve this by putting a proper framework in place with our comprehensive experience in project management and leadership. Keeping a tight reign on practical feasibility is also enabled through easy access to product development and the option of conducting experiments in real-world environments.

Benefits for industry

We, as a company, feel it is tremendously important to address and solve the challenges of the future today. That’s why we place such a clear emphasis on ensuring that the results of our research offer genuine benefits to wider society. At the same time, this approach helps us identify opportunities to increase sales or potential savings. It also gives us insights into the current state of research, which we can pass on to the Bosch divisions. The result is a win-win situation for both partners. Alliances between Bosch Research and academic institutions offer a rich and productive experience in many areas. Robert Bosch GmbH greatly values these alliances.

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We are a clever bunch of guys here, but we can’t solve all of the world’s problems alone.

Simon Burton, Chief Expert

Bundle competencies in publicly funded projects

Our goal is to join the top experts in realizing innovations which verifiably improve the quality of life. For this reason, Bosch Research is involved in publicly funded projects.

In such projects with public funding, we bundle competencies with partners from business and science, especially in the case of complex research projects in the pre-competitive sector, which involve a high degree of risk in terms of their realizability.

grow – Bosch’s start-up platform

The Bosch start-up platform “grow” is an in-house incubator that provides an open space for entrepreneurs to flourish within the Bosch ecosystem. Putting radical ideas into practice helps our company develop new, sustainable and profitable business in new markets.

Freedom to develop radical innovations


Grow combines extensive experience and resources to help take ideas to the next level. This is where young entrepreneurs can tap into our many years of experience in innovation management, business development and company formation. Grow also provides them with access to international expertise in a range of technologies and methodologies.


Grow’s offices are very different to those you might find in a normal workplace. The incubator fosters an inspiring atmosphere in bright, open-plan spaces. This is the perfect meeting point for people who are facing the same challenges and hoping to share their visions and knowledge. Networking and connectivity play a key part in efforts to transform radical ideas into new business fields for Bosch.


Grow offers the conditions people need to nurture their ideas and turn them into a fully-fledged business. Bosch created the platform to support people’s entrepreneurial spirit and ideas for new start-ups.

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Grow platform is a home for new ideas and new business at Bosch.

Bojan Ferhadbegovic, Senior Manager Business Development at grow

Taking theory and practice to the highest level

The PhD program at Bosch offers an opportunity to take research to the highest level under favorable conditions. All students are integrated in a current project or in the development work of a specialist department. Find out more about two of our PhD students at Bosch Research.

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The basis of our success

Driving the research process in our alliances is a job our experts are more than capable of doing. Get to know them better – and discover the innovations they have made possible.