Economy of Things


At what occasions does the research team present its findings? At which events does the Economy of Things play a role?

Blockchain Expo Europe 2020 ‒ Connecting the blockchain ecosystem ‒ Nov. 24-25

18.08.2020 | Event

“Our core idea is to use resources efficiently in all domains and still set up a socially fair system. For example, we feel that the electricity price should not skyrocket when there are shortages, but rather that the entire system should simultaneously be encouraged to cut consumption,” says Christian Heise, Deputy Project Director, Economy of Things, Bosch Research. (Image source: ©

The team behind the “Economy of Things” strategic advance engineering project at Bosch Research will present the topic “Decentralized energy trading infrastructure – privacy-preserving residential energy auctioneering” at the Blockchain Expo Europe 2020 on November 24. In particular, the pre-recorded video presentation will focus on the aspects of peak load shifting and energy auctioning using multi-party computation (MPC), controlling household data with self-sovereign identity (SSI) concepts, and the Economy of Things principle of coopetition in decentralized energy coordination systems.

Bosch Connected World 2020 ‒ The leading conference on IoT and digital transformation ‒ Feb. 19-20 in Berlin

09.01.2020 | Event

Bosch Connected World
Full program made to measure: Visitors have the choice between conference, exhibition, hackathon and numerous networking events.

At Bosch Connected World 2020, some of the world’s most innovative and influential Internet of Things (IoT) leaders share novel strategies, best practices, and instructive case studies relating to IoT-driven products, services, and solutions.

EoT Live-Demo at St. Gallen Blockchain Roundtable

14.11.2019 | Event

eot blockchain roundtable
All lights show green: Under the motto “Redistributing the platform economy”, experts discussed the success factors of an Economy of Things at the St. Gallen Blockchain Roundtable in early November. Image source: University of St. Gallen

Bosch, EnBW and Siemens have jointly developed a Proof of Concept that makes the future of the EoT tangible: A Bosch-modified e-car communicates via blockchain with a Siemens traffic light to gain access to a site and then with an EnBW charging pole for the loading process. The transactions required for identification, authorization and payment are processed autonomously on a blockchain via a Smart Contract, which contains the contract conditions for the vehicle, traffic light and charging station. A technological milestone that was only possible thanks to the proactive, open and cooperative approach of the three partners. “It took less than three months from idea to implementation. This speed could become a success factor in in setting up an EoT,” says Christian Heise, deputy project director EoT at Bosch.

Keynote Dr. Michael Bolle – St. Gallen Blockchain Roundtable – 5. Nov.

30.10.2019 | Event

Dr. Michael Bolle: He is member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH. As chief digital officer and chief technology officer, he is responsible, among other things, for Bosch Research.

Event designed for multinational corporates who want to deeply immerse into the topic of decentralized platforms and their fundamental implications for different industries.


Nik Scharmann

Nik Scharmann

Project Director "Economy of Things"

Nik Scharmann has been leading Bosch’s research activities in the field of the Economy of Things since 2017.

Christian Heise

Christian Heise

Deputy Project Director "Economy of Things"

Since 2018 Christian Heise has been working as Deputy Project Director in the Economy of Things project on the topics of energy and mobility.