Cook like a Bosch

Cook #LikeABosch

Mykie (concept) — your personal kitchen assistant

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Mykie simplifies life in the kitchen. Discover the advantages of having a friendly, voice-controlled assistant to help you with cooking and household chores.

  1. Mykie communicates with you and your Home Connect-enabled devices for innovative operation.
  2. Mykie offers recipe inspiration based on the contents of your cupboard and guides you through the recipe at your own pace.
  3. Mykie connects you to online cooking courses taught by professionals and friends all over the world.
  4. On request, Mykie quickly orders what you need at home and assists and advises you with questions regarding your household appliances.
  5. Mykie provides a wide range of helpful and exciting services from the open Home Connect ecosystem.
Cook like a Bosch

Mykie — your personal kitchen assistant

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