Bosch employee Pierre Maillot making a phone call on the area of the SF Shipyard in San Francisco in front of a crane
Smart City

A link between two worlds

Bosch associate Pierre Maillot in San Francisco is working on the SF Shipyard smart urban living project

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On a former shipyard site in San Francisco, the community developer FivePoint is conjuring up a new residential and business district. Bosch technology is ensuring that intelligent connectivity will make smart living reality there. In the thick of things is the Bosch associate Pierre Maillot.

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From his office in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, he has the vision right before his eyes – literally. When the weather is good, he can see a huge gantry in the distance, a vestige of the mighty shipyards that gave this area its name. When fog covers the bay, he can make do with a small paper model in his office. He is employed by Bosch, but here on the 37th floor, he is right in the middle of the office belonging to the community developer FivePoint: “My colleagues work for FivePoint, I work for Bosch – my job is to strike a balance between the interests of both companies and find solutions that help both.”

One man, many jobs

Pierre Maillot combines many different roles in his job: technological advisor, project manager, facilitator, business partner, consultant, and developer

Bosch employee Pierre Maillot at his office in San Francisco

Pierre Maillot

Senior technological advisor

I integrate people, services, and ideas and bring these two worlds together.

For many years, Pierre Maillot has been working for Bosch as an expert on smart cities. Apart from a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, he also studied technology and international business development

Eager to work with us?
The Bosch associate Pierre Maillot at SF Shipyard in San Francisco
Always on: Pierre Maillot at the SF Shipyard in San Francisco

Pierre Maillot sees his workspace as a hub, sharing what Bosch has to offer and gathering information on what FivePoint wants. “Often there is no single unit in the Bosch world that has the solution. Then I liaise with two divisions, thus creating new connections within Bosch as well,” says Maillot, who hails from France. This is how new ideas, solutions, and partnerships come about.

Working for Bosch: a special attraction

Ambition, vision, solution

Completed street in the SF Shipyard of San Francisco
Already occupied: a completed row of houses at the SF Shipyard

Bosch is at the forefront of many of the technological changes relevant for the smart city. The company can therefore not only play an active role, but also work with FivePoint to turn its ambitions and visions into new solutions. One example is the DC microgrid for better energy efficiency. This economical, efficient, and emissions-free system takes energy collected by the solar cells mounted on the roofs of the parking garages and makes it available for lighting and ventilation. The connected video surveillance system in the Shipyard is also supported by Bosch, and most of the apartments and houses could in the future feature web-enabled Bosch home appliances. The possibility of installing sensors for connected parking is also being examined. More and more applications are conceivable: e-bikes, e-scooters, charge spots for electric vehicles, smart heating technology, automated valet parking, or the smart monitoring of air quality.

Urban change

Bosch employee Pierre Maillot in a coffee shop in the SF Shipyard of San Francisco
Time for a break: Pierre Maillot in a coffee shop at the SF Shipyard Storehouse

FivePoint’s urban development project has picked up speed, and the solutions and innovations in San Francisco are intended to serve as a benchmark for smart living in the United States. They will demonstrate how smart connectivity creates value. As more of the project is realized, interest is growing. Other city planners are already asking Pierre Maillot about individual solutions, and he has become a highly sought-after contact for them: “This project is a kind of living lab for smart cities. What works here will arouse interest around the world.” Simultaneously, Kofi Bonner, the regional president of FivePoint, has become a kind of change manager for urban living. “If you want to build a smart city, you have to be flexible in your thinking. If you can conceive of it, it has to be possible. Bosch is already looking into the future for us, and shows where the journey is going. That’s the key.”


In San Francisco, the Bosch associate Pierre Maillot acts as a partner and on-the-spot contact for the community developer FivePoint. Together, they are driving forward the construction of the intelligently connected SF Shipyard community.

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