In a kitchen, two sealed paper bags made on the Bosch PME ZAP packaging machine

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A new Bosch paper packaging material prevents leakage without using any plastic

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For clean shelves and a clean environment: Bosch Packaging Technology and BillerudKorsnäs have come up with a world first that puts an end to leaky paper packaging.

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Preventing leakage without using any plastic

Two sealed paper bags made on the Bosch PME ZAP packaging machine

As a packaging material, paper is cheap and eco-friendly. Unfortunately, the paper bags traditionally used to pack flour and sugar tend to leak, either on to supermarket shelves or into shopping bags. And while plastic packaging would put a stop to the leakage, it is out of the question for flour and other products that contain a residual amount of moisture, since it would cause them to spoil. On top of that, plastic is bad for the environment. But this longstanding dilemma might just have been finally solved.

Bosch Packaging Technology and the Swedish paper specialist BillerudKorsnäs have put their heads together and come up with a solution for this dilemma. Their innovative design is based on the idea of offering an alternative to plastic packaging films in the shape of “sealable paper” packaging that is dust-tight and biodegradable.

The bagging machine Bosch PME ZAP
(W)rap artist: the Bosch PME ZAP

“Collaboration with BillderudKorsnäs allowed us to combine our two areas of expertise in one system, which we can now offer as an integrated solution,” says the product manager Lena Beck. With respect to formats and packaging styles, the traditional Bosch bagging machine is extremely flexible. Up to now, however, it has only been suitable for packaging in bags made of plastic or plastic-backed paper.

“The solution has two significant advantages – an outstanding customer experience as a result of the use of a natural packaging material, and greater efficiency on the production line.”

Ulrich Jansen, Pfeifer & Langen (“Diamant” brand)
Seven types of Diamant-brand paper packaging made by Bosch
Market-ready: sealed paper packaging in use for the Diamant brand

The sealable paper packaging material is completely plastic-free. Instead, it uses the “power paper” developed by BillderudKorsnäs. During the packaging process, a tiny amount of hot glue is applied, and the package is sealed under heat and pressure, making any leakage impossible. While conventional paper would not be capable of withstanding this treatment, this is not true for the special power paper. It is harder wearing than paper packaging material, yet still retains paper’s natural qualities, including renewability and recyclability.

Sealable paper packaging

The three qualities of sealable paper packaging


To prevent leakage, the machine applies glue to some parts of the paper, and the packaging is firmly sealed. This means that only a very small area is coated, and the paper’s mono-material qualities are preserved.


The paper’s mechanical qualities make for optimum processing and stability. Moreover, its sustainability is not compromised – from raw material to recycling.


This sealed paper packaging is a world first. The final product depends crucially on fine-tuning the interplay between paper material and packaging machine.


Bosch Packaging Technology and the paper specialist BillerudKorsnäs have joined forces to develop a sustainable packaging material. Without using any plastic, it prevents foodstuffs such as sugar from leaking out of the bag.

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