Shawn riding an eScooter from COUP in Berlin.

Shawn presents: eScooter Sharing by COUP

Take an easy ride through city traffic — Move #LikeABosch

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Are you fed up with traffic jams as well? Tired of wasting your time in “stop and go” traffic? Then do it like Shawn and move fast and flexible through city traffic — with the app-based eScooter sharing service COUP!

Thanks to IoT- easily from A to B

Shawn starting his ride with an eScooter from COUP.

Our IoT Hero Shawn has been to Berlin to test COUP for you. It’s so easy: Open the app, find a scooter, put your helmet on, and off you go! COUP takes you through the city centers in Berlin, Paris and Madrid — smoothly and in almost complete silence. No extra waiting times, available 24/7, easy to find, to book and to ride. And aligned with the spirit of today: flexible, full of energy, and environmentally conscious.

Shawn presents: Move #LikeABosch — Easy COUP eScooter ride through Berlin

The app is your key!

Shawn using the COUP app while sitting on his escooter.

Shawn loves the Internet of Things! It makes his world more comfortable. And yours as well! That’s why COUP works as simply as possible with a smartphone app — from registering (including driver’s license verification) to reserving and returning the eScooter. The app is the key to smart, time-saving and flexible urban mobility. It displays available eScooters and allows them to be reserved free of charge and unlocked locally. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, it also simply ends your journey. The handling is easy and intuitive. Of course, the app is available for free, for iOS and Android.


eScooters from COUP will be ready to go by the end of 2019, bringing the fun of riding back to these cities. COUP is the flexible, low-cost, and trendy alternative in three European metropolises that complements mobility offerings in city centers.

Shawn riding an eScooter from COUP in Berlin.
Shawn riding an eScooter from COUP in Berlin.
Shawn posing in front of a COUP eScooter.

“The traffic of tomorrow will be emission-free and flexible. eScooter Sharing is one of the first big steps!”


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