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Together with the insurance company HUK-COBURG, Bosch has launched the “smart driver scheme” – whose technical heart is a telematics box

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People who drive safely should be rewarded. That’s the view of the German insurance company HUK-COBURG. In collaboration with Bosch, they’re offering a bonus scheme for young drivers, which includes a free telematics box. It’s a scheme that makes a lot of sense.

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Actual size of the Bosch telematics box
The telematics box documents individual driving behavior

The figures for Germany are shocking: one 18 to 25-year-old killed in a road accident every 18 hours, and one involved in an accident every 5.4 minutes. This was the result of the 2015 survey conducted by the Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat (German traffic safety council). To provide young people with a further incentive for driving safely, the insurance company HUK-COBURG has joined forces with Bosch to set up a special bonus scheme. The technical heart of the “smart driver scheme” is a Bosch telematics box featuring various sensors which can be retrofitted to any vehicle. For each journey, it records place, time, speed, acceleration, braking, and centrifugal force. The insurer uses this data to calculate the bonus the driver will receive.

“If a system is physically installed in the vehicle, customers can be sure that the telematics solution is always available. In addition, the Bosch box offers high security standards, also when transmitting data.”

Klaus-Jürgen Heitmann, managing board HUK-COBURG

FAQ about the telematics box from Bosch

What are the financial benefits of this solution?

Defensive and cautious driving is rewarded with a rebate on the vehicle and liability insurance premiums – a rebate which can be as high as 30 percent.

What happens in the event of an accident?

If there is an accident, the box can automatically trigger an alarm. If it does, the accident switchboard is notified about the position, time, and severity of the accident and alerts the appropriate emergency services.

How secure is my data?

The recorded journey data is encrypted and transmitted to HUK-COBURG Datenservice und Dienstleistungen (HDD) GmbH, a company that was set up specifically for this purpose. This ensures that the insurance company itself cannot make any inferences about individual trips or actual routes. Conversely, HDD GmbH cannot access information about the identity of the policyholder or driver.

The connected vehicle system

Bosch offers an integrated solution for various target groups, such as fleet operators and leasing companies: the “connected vehicle system.”

Data recording

The Bosch telematics box records data. This can include information about speed, acceleration, braking, and centrifugal force.

Data processing

The encrypted data is transmitted and saved in the Bosch IoT Cloud. The cloud is a platform on which IoT technologies can be made available. It offers partners, customers, and developers a kind of market place.

Data use

The data taken from the cloud can be used for various services and by various service providers – from insurance companies, to car rental companies and fleet owners, to drivers themselves.


Together with the insurance company HUK-COBURG, Bosch has set up a bonus scheme. The technical heart of the “smart driver scheme” is a Bosch telematics box featuring various sensors.

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