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The wave of the future

Video that visualizes the functions of TrackMyTools.

Over the course of their service life, Bosch power tools will be used on different construction sites. It’s not unusual for tools to get mislaid or lost. Finding them becomes a matter of luck. So Bosch came up with a perfect solution in the form of TrackMyTools, a smart inventory management system.


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Of needles and haystacks

The image shows a man using the Bosch TrackMyTools App.

TrackMyTools, Bosch’s inventory management system, offers several advantages. Warehouse managers, planners, and tradespeople can keep tabs on the status of all their tools with this cloud-based solution — either from their home base or directly on the construction site. If a tool should go missing, the system helps find it again, thanks to the smart interaction of hardware and software.

Always on top of things

The image shows ta man sitting at his tacks checking the TrackMyTools app.

The principle is simple: A battery-operated Bluetooth module, roughly half the size of a matchbox, is affixed to the tools and transmits a signal every eight seconds. Smartphones and tablets equipped with the TrackMyTools app detect the signal, and transmit time, user, and location data to the server. Every 30 minutes, moreover, the smartphone’s GPS function transmits the tool’s location to the cloud, making it fundamentally possible to locate the tool at any time — even from a considerable distance. The app shows where the tool is on a map. Tradespeople can use the web application, which is available in various subscription models, to keep tabs on their tools over the internet. The tagging module can be attached not only to power tools, but also to cable reels, ladders, and hammers. Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack just got easier.

The image show information about the Bosch TrackMyTools app.

Always the right tool

The image shows a man with protective gear drilling a hole using a Bosch tool.
Strong GBH 12-52 D 12-kg hammer drill. Extreme drilling challenges are child’s play for this little powerhouse.
The image shows a man using a Bosch drill hammer.
Fast GBH 36 VF-Li Plus cordless power drill. The cordless power drill works fast while offering complete control.
The image shows a man chanigng a tyre using a Bosch power tool.
Flexible GDS 18 V-EC 250 cordless impact wrench
The image shows a Bosch saw at work.
Straight and true GKS 55+ GCE hand-held circular saw. Motor brake and soft start ensure safe sawing operation and greater ease of use.


Bosch TrackMyTools provides you with a current overview of your tools at any time. Organize your work efficently — and save time and money.


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