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Vivatar: Never Travel Alone Again

The smart guardian angel that keeps you safe on any adventure

A woman is sitting at the wheel of a car. A policewoman, a paramedic and a firefighter are in the back seat.

We can all name a situation we have been in that has come with a certain amount of risk attached to it, such as deciding to take a jog through a deserted park, going off the beaten track while mountain biking, or taking a long car ride through an unfamiliar part of town. This is exactly where Vivatar steps in — your reliable, virtual companion.

A woman walks alone down a dark alley and is followed by two men.

The clock has not long struck midnight and the party has wound down. Your way home from the subway means navigating a series of dark alleys. You can’t help but notice the prickling sense of unease growing inside you. It’s in moments such as these that you wish you had someone with you — or at least someone who knew where you were in the event of an emergency. Bosch has the answer — and provides the safety you need — for times like these with its Vivatar app. Just one click is it all takes to share your current location with friends or family members. Alternatively, associates at the Bosch Help Connect security system are available 24/7 to organize the emergency assistance you need quickly.

Security at the touch of a button

If a dangerous situation is developing, making an emergency call quickly and discreetly can be paramount. But once the adrenaline kicks in, grabbing your cell phone in time or making a call or sending a text might not always be an option. Thanks to the Vivatar go button, users can activate the app’s key functions at the touch of a button without having to pick up their smartphone. Whether you’re hiking in the forest or out on the ski slopes, the button (which is about the size of a quarter) can be taken wherever you go and attached to any piece of clothing without fuss. One double click is all that is needed to send your location to your personal emergency contacts. In the premium version of the app, you can simply press and hold the button to be connected directly to the Bosch emergency call assistants, who will immediately notify first responders in an emergency.

The picture shows the Vivatar go button that a woman is wearing on the neckline of her dress.

One fourth

of all serious traffic accidents happen on country roads.

Rapid, automatic assistance

Vivatar is a comprehensive, networked solution, which means that cyclists and pedestrians don’t have to forgo the enhanced safety it provides simply because they have decided that four wheels are better than two (or two feet): the app can also save lives in cars. In serious traffic accidents, for example, the first few minutes are often the difference between life and death. Particularly on country roads, however, it is often difficult to locate the scene of an accident between meadows and fields, and first responders lose valuable time as a result. Since 2018, the automatic eCall emergency call system has taken over and placed emergency calls in situations where drivers or passengers are no longer able to call for help themselves.

eCall retrofit solution

One hand inserts the Telematics eCall plug Vivatar drive into the cigarette lighter of a car.

Bosch has developed an innovative retrofit solution for older vehicle models called Vivatar drive. The system consists of an accident reporting plug, the app itself, and personal emergency contacts or the Bosch emergency call assistant. If an accident occurs, intelligent algorithms and acceleration sensors in the plug register the strength of the collision. The Vivatar app then automatically informs the user’s personal emergency contacts and shares the location, vehicle profile, and the severity of the accident with them. In the premium version of the app, this emergency call is automatically made to the Bosch emergency call assistants. The premium version also allows the driver to store important health data, which can be crucial information for first responders — because in an emergency, every second counts.

Assistance arrives 50 percent

faster with an automatic emergency call system.

Safety first

A fireman has opened the door of an accident car and is taking care of the unconscious driver.

“Data protection is also an important concern for us when it comes to Vivatar drive, which is why it only transfers data in an emergency. And even then, the only data that is transmitted is the specific data needed to coordinate operations, such as accident severity and location,” says Dr. Marco Lammer, Managing Director of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. Among other things, the location is only temporarily transmitted via GPS while the operation is in progress, and the data remains in the Bosch Cloud and is not shared with other companies.

The info graphic contains figures on traffic accidents and the Vivatar drive Telematics eCall plug.


Whether you’re on your way home, out for a bike ride, or going for a drive in the car, Bosch Vivatar is a digital companion app that connects people with family, friends, or the Bosch emergency call assistants. This allows the comprehensive, networked solution to make sure users are safer on the road and however they choose to get out and about.


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