With a digital guardian angel, you’re never alone.

Vivatar — the smart personal safety app for friends and family

Interview with a digital guardian angel

10 minutes

What can the personal safety app Vivatar do, and how does it make users’ lives safer? We asked the digital guardian angel to tell us in its own words.

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Vivatar, how do you make my life safer?

I’m a kind of digital guardian angel on your smartphone, keeping an eye on you and making sure you don’t feel alone. With me as your personal safety app, your friends and family members can accompany you virtually — wherever you go. At night, for instance, when you’re on your way home by yourself and feel unsafe. I have a chat function, and transmit your location via GPS in real-time, so you stay in constant contact with your companion. This makes you and your loved ones at home feel safer, secure in the knowledge that, if there’s an emergency, they’ll know exactly where you are. But even in everyday life, I can help you in several situations: with the new feature "Location and status," you and your emergency contacts can receive an automatic push notification as soon as one of your self-determined locations has been left or reached.

What can I do if I get into a difficult situation?

App users stay in contact with their companions via chat and GPS.
App users stay in contact with their companions via chat and GPS.

Let’s say I’m helping someone keep an eye on you. If you find yourself in dangerous situations or situations in which you feel uneasy, you can activate a two-minute “danger countdown.” If you haven’t deactivated the countdown by the time the two minutes are up, your smartphone will automatically inform your virtual companion. With my premium service, you can also create an e-health card containing information such as your blood type, medical history or emergency contacts, and in emergency situations you can contact the Bosch emergency assistant (BEA). Our associates are available around the clock. They can notify emergency services or your pre-selected contact persons and send them to you via location transmission — or explain the route to the nearest taxi stand, safe hotel lobby, or open pharmacy.

Why should I use you in an emergency?

Because the vivatar app transmits the users’ location information, friends and the emergency service can provide pinpointed help.

In an accident situation, you often have no idea exactly where you are. But because I transmit your GPS location and the data on your e-health card, your virtual companions and the Bosch emergency assistants are fully informed and can provide you with pinpointed help. True, other apps also let you share your GPS location. However, the danger countdown allows you to specifically inform your most important contacts if you feel insecure to get help quickly in an emergency. Another advantage is that BEA isn’t only there to help you only in emergencies, but also in cases when you simply feel uneasy or need some other kind of assistance. So do not hesitate to call our staff if you want an open ear on your way home in the evening.

How secure is my data?

We take data privacy very seriously. The digital companion function transmits your location via GPS only while it’s in use; the transmission ends as soon as you stop using it. What’s more, your data is stored in the Bosch Cloud. We don’t share it with other companies. In this way, we can guarantee that only Bosch associates have access to your information.

What do I need in order to use your companion services?

If you want others to be able to digitally accompany you to protect your personal safety, you need a working internet connection on your phone or any other mobile device. When GPS reception and the data connection are poor, the signal can become weaker and in a worst-case scenario even cut out altogether. Contacting BEA is a different story; that requires just cellular reception, and in an emergency you can also send your data by text message. I'm available for iOS and Android.

Data privacy is taken very seriously by Vivatar.


The personal safety app Vivatar is a digital guardian angel that connects family and friends with people who are out on their own. GPS and chat functionalities mean that these digital companions know the person’s exact whereabouts so help can be provided rapidly. What’s more, the app also proves to be useful as an everyday companion.

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