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Diversity is our advantage

Welcome to our diversity website


Our understanding

We appreciate and make use of a diversity of mindsets, experiences, perspectives and life plans, thereby ensuring our long-term business success. This gives us an edge in competition for the best associates, products, and services because “Bosch, invented for Life” refers to not just one, but a whole diversity of solutions.


We are convinced, that our huge internationality enforces us. As global player, at Bosch work people from more than 150 different nations day by day. Intercultural competences is therefore needed usually. That‘s why we make use of our Diversity, combine cultural knowledge and further forward it within Bosch. Many associates contribute to our successful international collaboration personally.

Selected highlights and activities:

- Associate Networks afric@bosch, For Bosch abroad, Türkisches Forum Bosch, chinese@bosch

- More than 2,200 expats per year

- Diverse seminars around internationality, global cooperation and culture


Competence has nothing to do with age. What counts for us is the combination out of experiences and fresh, innovative ideas. We ensure a working atmosphere, in which up to five generations can collaborate effectively. With our concepts for lifelong learning, health care management and systematic know-how and experience exchange, we create the base for a successful cooperation across all generations.

Selected highlights and activities:

- Lifestage-oriented professional development

- Exchange across generations and cooperation with the Generationtandem

- Bosch Management Support with worldwide established senior experts

- Training about demographic change and cooperation across generations

Flexible and mobile working culture

Excellence requires balance. We foster a working culture, in which our associates can authentically bring in their strengths. That‘s why we offer flexible and mobile working models, in order to find individual solutions for professional development, life stages and private goals as well as to ensure a better compatibility of work and private life.

Selected highlights and activities:

- Guidelines for a flexible and family-friendly working culture as well as works agreements for mobile working

- Diverse, flexible and mobile working models: job sharing, part-time work, Home Office, Sabbatical etc.

- Project MORE (Mindset ORganization Executives) for executives to experience flexible and mobile work

- Online tool „JobConnector“ for matching of job sharing and part-time tandems

- Associate Network family@Bosch


Many studies show: Mixed teams, in which we cooperate at all levels of the company develop better products and services. At Bosch, everyone has the same opportunities regardless of gender – and that applies to leadership roles, too.

Selected highlights and activities:

- Equal Pay

- Mentoringprograms und seminar series like the „Business Women‘s Program“ for women in specialist, project and leading functions

- Associate Networks women@bosch, the female engineers network heratec und forum „women in technology”


LGBTIQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual, Queer

For Bosch counts the appreciation of all associates – regardless their sexual orientation or gender identity. We connect associates and foster the exchange between people with different sexual identities and orientations and their mutual understandings. Everyone should bring themselves in authentically at Bosch.

Selected highlights and activities:

- Associate Network RBg (Robert Bosch gay)

- Promotion and Sponsoring of the Initiative PrOut@Work

- Initiating a Straight Allies Network

Persons with disabilities

We foster our innovation by focusing on the individual competences of our associates, not their limitations. That‘s why we create a working culture, which considers and appreciates the special needs and competences of every single associate. Everyone is part of the diversity and brings in their special competences and strengths.

Selected highlights and activities:

- Representatives for people with disabilities at all locations

- Cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities

- Participation on the federal work association of workshops for people with disabilities


Different functions and divisions have diverse work styles and structures. At Bosch, we support an appreciative collaboration across all divisions, functions and hierarchies – from Start-Up to large division. Mutual respect, a lived feedback culture and appreciation are in that case essential. This way everyone can fulfill themselves and create the corporate culture.

Selected highlights and activities:

- Charta of Diversity signed in 2007

- Excellence Feedback to optimize the feedback culture

- Lunch Roulette to meet up and network with colleagues

Diversity at Bosch

Explore more

More than 150 nationalities, people of different ages with diverse skills are working for Bosch. Discover your future colleagues and explore their stories.

Our colleagues talk about the advantages of working cross-functional, in interdisciplinary Teams, across different hierarchical levels and how the diversity of the associates at Bosch contribute to the corporate success.


Bosch is awarded with Max Spohr Prize 2020 for diversity management (video in German language only)

  • Big Impact Initiative-Award
  • World Universum 2019
  • Winner DPP Leadership
  • Trendence17 Diversity winner
  • HREA Winner 2016
  • New Work Award 2016
  • Total Equality Award
  • Trendence Award Diversity

Partnerships and external networks

Together with our external partnerships and networks we shape diversity.


Charter of Diversity

Charter of Diversity

The Diversity Charter is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in businesses and institutions. Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is the patron. At the end of 2007, Bosch signed the Charter of Diversity, and the theme of diversity was set in motion.

Charter of Diversity



PANDA networks women in leadership positions from research, science and politics and brings them together with companies through workshops, contests and network events.




The PrOut@Work Foundation is committed to the network work of LGBT in companies. Since 2016, Bosch has been "PROUTEMPLOYER" and has been among others. In the dossier "Rainbow. More. Value".

PrOut @ Work Foundation
Total e-Quality

Total e-Quality

Total e-Quality

Total E-Quality pursues the goal of establishing and sustaining equal opportunities. Bosch has already been assigned for a few times with the predicate and has been a member of the Executive Board since 2017.


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