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Electricity is a vital part of our daily lives — it also makes many aspects of life more sustainable

Cao Mengyi holds a coffee cup while standing in front of her car Ora Good Cat in Suzhou. She looks into the camera. A tree-filled park and skyscrapers are visible in the background


Electricity drives us. It inspires us to constantly invent new things. It also confronts us with new challenges, such as climate change and the increasing global demand for energy. Energy-saving solutions are in demand, and sustainable electrification will become even more important in the future. One thing’s for sure: nothing works without electricity. Bosch is shaping the how with innovations for the sustainable power supply of the future and for technology that makes your everyday life easier and more energy efficient. You can visit our topic page to find out what’s behind our developments and how you can benefit from them. And you can also explore other technology that has been invented for our lives in the story about Bosch’s eBike technology. It makes bikes intelligent and significantly more convenient — and it makes cycling safer. Or read how groundbreaking innovations of Bosch’s eAxle enable cost-attractive and sustainable automobility. The compact powertrain for all-electric and hybrid vehicles now delivers noticeably more efficiency on the road. You’ll learn exciting facts about the history of electricity, in addition to many other examples of helpful technology for electrification. The initial misconception that it was the punishment of the gods turned into a promise, as well as motivation and inspiration — for Bosch, too.

Bosch sees itself as the number one supplier for electrical powertrains on the road.

Dr. Markus Heyn, chairman of the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector

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Cao Mengyi holds a coffee cup while standing in front of her car Ora Good Cat in Suzhou. She looks into the camera. A tree-filled park and skyscrapers are visible in the background

Innovative drive for sustainable mobility

Commuting daily in your own car in an eco-friendly manner? This is made possible by the electrified powertrain from Bosch. The eAxle combines the electric motor, power electronics and transmission into a compact unit. In its latest generation, the eAxle sets the stage for the future of mobility. This is because the innovative solution from Bosch not only reduces the previous complexity of the electric powertrain. It also makes it cheaper to manufacture and more efficient on the road: With an efficiency of up to 96 percent, the range of electrified vehicles is extended substantially. Technological progress that has a noticeable impact on the driving experience.

A young man in a black t-shirt, seen from behind, walks toward a blue and white truck parked sideways. On the horizon is the skyline of a metropolis.

A hydrogen truck on tour

A truck driving on a Chongqing road is nothing unusual — unless it happens to be equipped with an exclusive powertrain. An endurance test underway in China is assessing 70 trucks equipped with Bosch fuel-cell systems to see how they fare out on the road. Hu Gang is among the test drivers.

The evolution of electricity


About 150 years ago, electricity was introduced to private homes and factory buildings. As early as the 18th century, politician and scientist Benjamin Franklin had proved that lightning isn’t a punishment from God, but rather an electrical phenomenon.


Today, we can’t imagine our daily lives without electricity. It brings light to the dark, sets machines in motion, and is the foundation of the digital era. And it is conquering new territory — the field of electromobility, for instance, is a rising star.


The growing need for electrical energy also poses challenges to the world. Putting a stop to climate change means investing in energy-saving solutions. Bosch development and production methods are already climate neutral. For example, Bosch uses an energy platform to manage and minimize machine energy consumption.

How Bosch eBike technology makes cycling less stressful

Open road — not stressful traffic: bikes are becoming intelligent and significantly more convenient — thanks to electrification — because cyclists using the Bosch eBike on-board computer on their tours stay very well informed. The computer is embedded in an AIoT ecosystem, enabling it to calculate your ETA with precision. It takes individual parameters (such as the type of e-bike) into account in the process and incorporates data from the cloud. The on-board computer uses this data to continually suggest the optimal route.

A cyclist in the middle of chaotic traffic
AIoT on the bike: a navigation system on the bike’s handlebars shows the way, and the road is clear.

400 million euros

is the amount Bosch invests each year to achieve a breakthrough in electromobility

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