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Innovations, patents, and licenses

Initiate your cooperation with Bosch

Welcome to a whole new chance of co-creation

It doesn’t matter if you are a young startup, a progressive university, or a large enterprise. We truly believe in partnerships. What about you?

Innovations are essential for long term success.

You are able to benefit from our patented solutions by an implementation into your innovative products. On the other hand we offer the opportunity to bring your innovative solution via our corporate crossdivisional gateway to all business units of the Bosch Group where a potential application seems promising. You could spend hours to find the right contact on your own — or you just make use of our powerful network.
Bosch will examine your technical innovation proposals to see whether they are exploitable in the context of our product program. This principally presumes — especially if the field concerned is one in which Bosch itself conducts intensive development activities — that a protective right application has already been filed with the competent patent office. This is necessary to ensure that the inventor’s rights are adequately protected. Please take a look at our terms and conditions about handling your innovation proposal in our corporate innovation gateway.

In order to evaluate your solution, it is important to describe the innovation and its uniqueness as precisely as possible. We will transparently let you know in which phase your innovation proposal is and if the first phase, the “Pre-Check” is successfully done, a personal internal contact will jump in, to help you through the following phases. More information.
Of course we guarantee fairness and respect regarding your intellectual property.


associates work in research and development at Bosch.

Since Bosch operates throughout the world, the company’s patents are also registered in many countries. The patent applications filed in their patent offices are one testimony to the creativity of our associates and our role as a global motor of innovation.

Not every idea of our associates leads to a patent application. All of the inventions that have not made it that far are on public display in Stuttgart-Feuerbach (Bregenzer Strasse).