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Shuko-Charlotte Rose and Geoff Gustitus, hosts of the Bosch podcast From know-how to wow

Want to know how Bosch turns research into those real life “WOW” moments? In each episode of this podcast, our resident hosts Shuko, Melena and Geoff will illuminate a tech topic from different perspectives. They meet first-class experts taking you on a deep-dive into a world that makes life smarter, safer and more sustainable. Made for people who love tech, and a good story — from astronauts to AI, from crime forensics to coders, from hoverboarders to flying trays. From KNOW-HOW to WOW.

Make cars more software-driven!

What are the benefits of “software-defined vehicles”? Find out in this special “From KNOW-HOW to WOW” episode, which took place LIVE at the Bosch Connected World event. Our hosts Shuko and Geoff were joined on stage by Christian Uebber, Chief Technology Officer of the Bosch subsidiary ETAS GmbH, and Christian Heissenberger, SDV Innovation Lead Architect at ETAS. They talked about the characteristics of these vehicles, and the challenges our teams face in making cars more software-driven. Software is already an integral part of almost every function in modern vehicles, whether it's for electrically adjusting the seat, recharging the vehicle, deploying the airbag, or listening to the radio. But there's so much more to software-defined vehicles, such as over-the-air updates that could improve software-based functionality - just like your smartphone's software updates. Listen in to find out more!

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