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Collage of three Bosch researchers thinking about new technology

Want to know how Bosch turns research into those real life “WOW” moments? In each episode of this podcast, our resident hosts Melena and Geoff will illuminate a tech topic from different perspectives. They meet first-class experts taking you on a deep-dive into a world that makes life smarter, safer and more sustainable. Made for people who love tech, and a good story — from astronauts to AI, from crime forensics to coders, from hoverboarders to flying trays. From KNOW-HOW to WOW.

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Collage of three Bosch researchers thinking about new technology


Welcome to the Bosch Global podcast! Get to know our resident show hosts Melena and Geoff in this trailer. In each show, they will meet first-class tech experts taking you on a deep-dive into their smart world. Be curious. Be wowed!

Bosch reasearcher Sam Das with SoundSee device

Episode 1 | SoundSee technology

This episode is all about sound — more specifically about seeing with sound. Three guests share insights with how they use sound in their daily lives to overcome vastly different challenges. Our journey takes us into the depths of crime, into the heights of flying — and even into space, where Bosch technology is listening for malfunctions…

Graphic showing a man sitting behind the steering wheel in a car and looking at the innovative virtual sun visor from Bosch.

Episode 2 | Virtual Visor: safe eyes, safe lifes

Jason Zink sheds light on how Bosch is innovating the 95-year-old sun visor. Melena and Geoff also learn more about our sense of sight as they talk to the stage lighting artist, Marc Brickman about the use of lighting in the theater. Additionally, you’ll hear from Ivan Schwab, author of “How Eyes Evolved,” as he shares all about exactly that — the evolution of eyes.

MEMS sensors

Episode 3 | MEMS - with all (technical) senses

What is smaller than your pinky finger nail but packs a big punch? The answer: Microelectromechanical systems or MEMS sensors. In this episode, our hosts Melena and Geoff will focus on one of the most interesting MEMS: the rotation sensor or gyroscope.

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