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Shuko-Charlotte Rose and Geoff Gustitus, hosts of the Bosch podcast From know-how to wow

Want to know how Bosch turns research into those real life “WOW” moments? In each episode of this podcast, our resident hosts Shuko, Melena and Geoff will illuminate a tech topic from different perspectives. They meet first-class experts taking you on a deep-dive into a world that makes life smarter, safer and more sustainable. Made for people who love tech, and a good story — from astronauts to AI, from crime forensics to coders, from hoverboarders to flying trays. From KNOW-HOW to WOW.

How to develop self-driving cars?

Automated cars become more and more advanced. But this shift toward vehicles that will eventually be autonomous means major architectural changes in how cars are developed. In this episode, Shuko and Geoff are joined by Axel Schwarz, Director for Engineering of L4 Sensors, and Kay Stepper, Senior Vice President for Automated at Driving Bosch North America. Both explain how cars can use a cycle of “sense, think, act” to move autonomously. And Ben Peters, Cofounder of the Bosch subsidiary FIVE, discusses how he builds special simulation environments that help test drive future vehicle technology. Intrigued? Then let's hit the road!

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