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Shuko-Charlotte Rose, Melena Schönhofer and Geoff Gustitus, hosts of the Bosch podcast From know-how to wow.

In this podcast, you'll learn how Bosch turns research and development into real WOW moments. Once a month, we illuminate a technology topic from different perspectives. Our hosts Shuko, Melena and Geoff present the challenges and successes of Bosch experts and dive into a world that makes life smarter, safer and more sustainable. This podcast is made for people who love technology and good stories. Two weeks after each episode, you can get extra nerdy bits of KNOW-HOW and WOWs in our deep dive shortcast, where we delve into a certain aspect of the respective topic. It’s an inspiring tech snack hosted by an avatar of Geoff's voice that is trained by an AI machine learning system.

How generative AI can help driving a car

Prompt battle! We've all tried giving generative AI chatbots instructions that yield useful results. Recently, GenAI has rapidly expanded across various industries. But can it help drive a car? Bosch Research's Vice President and Chief Scientist for scalable and assistive AI, Dr. Liu Ren, is confident it can. He and his team are at the forefront of integrating foundation models such as large language models or vision-language models with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). In this episode, Liu explains to our hosts, Shuko and Geoff, how the extensive knowledge contained in foundation models can enhance the perception, prediction, and planning capabilities of ADAS. What's even more impressive is that Bosch Research’s approach works despite the constrained resources typical in vehicle environments. As Liu shares his cutting-edge research, Shuko and Geoff go head-to-head in a challenge: Who can craft the cleverest prompts for GenAI?

Hosts Melena, Shuko and Geoff can be seen — with headphones on their ears - next to the logo of the podcast show "From KNOW-HOW to WOW."

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