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Sustainable products

Invented for life

Sustainable products

Making products more sustainable

Bosch has a broad product portfolio that is unique in terms of its variety. Our products ensure safe and sustainable mobility, are durable companions in the home, or control industrial plant and machinery efficiently and reliably.

As varied as our products are in detail, they share a common ethos: “Invented for life.” True to this ethos, our products contribute toward achieving various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Read more in our sustainability report from page 35.

Annette Wagner, head of Sustainability and Ideas Lab

Produce, use, throw away. That thinking has long gone unquestioned, but it has no future.

Annette Wagner, head of Sustainability and Ideas Lab

Circularity for a sustainable product portfolio

With our circular economy strategy, we want to make our products sustainable throughout their entire life cycle – from their procurement and production to their use, return, and remanufacturing right through to recycling and the reuse of materials.

To this end, we either create loops directly within Bosch or close them outside the company using established recycling processes. This way, we not only reduce the amount of materials used and our products’ carbon footprint and contribute toward achieving our scope 3 target, but we also avoid potential risks in relation to compliance with environmental and social standards. Building a closed-loop system for materials has the particular advantage of eliminating parts of the value chain that are subject to risks.

Presentation of the circular economy strategy: material efficiency in product design and manufacturing; Second life of the products through reuse, repair, recycling and remanufacturing; Material recycling at the end of the product life cycle.
As part of our circular economy strategy, commodities and materials loops are closed either within Bosch or using established recycling processes outside our company.

Circular economy — here and now

A variety of examples are already showing the potential inherent in the concept of a circular economy for a sustainable product portfolio.

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