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Working at Bosch Research

Your career opportunities at Bosch Research

Shape your future with Bosch Research: We innovate for life!

The image represents the jobs and career opportunities and shows our Bosch researchers working on innovative technologies and ideas of the future.

Bosch Research is dedicated to fostering outstanding talent and bridging the gap between academia and industry. At nine locations in six countries around the world, we carry out research in a campus-like environment, working on a variety of fascinating projects which focus on six research fields: automation, digitalization and connectivity, artificial intelligence, electrification, climate action and sustainability, and healthcare. On a global level, we work with renowned research institutions and universities throughout the world. Take advantage of this wide range of disciplines.

There are many good reasons to work with us. You’ll find the five most important here:

Bosch Research employees in the Bosch Research cleanroom lab in Renningen, Germany, as they live our mission statement We innovate for life.

1. We innovate for life

The aim of our work is to improve people’s quality of life, to protect the environment and to spark interest in Bosch products and technologies. Whether it be Vivalytic, our platform for molecular laboratory diagnostics, an anti-lock braking system for e-bikes or sustainable plastics: we can rightly claim that many of the Bosch products that ensure more sustainability, safety or comfort in people's lives were invented by Bosch Research!

Two Bosch Research employees in the quantum technology department in the Bosch Research laboratory working with protective goggles.

2. We are pioneers

Bosch Research offers solutions for today while shaping technology for the world of tomorrow. From quantum sensors and autonomous driving to hydrogen electrolysis — our research work leads the way: Bosch Research contributes to around a quarter of all patent applications filed by our company.

Bosch Research employee at the Bosch Research Campus in Renningen, Germany, at work in the robotics lab.

3. We drive transformation forward

Whether it be electrified mobility, AI-based cloud solutions, consumer and industrial robotics or new business models based on cooperative Web3 platforms — we’re actively shaping the corporate and technological transformation.

PhD at Bosch Research. A doctoral student studying in the Bosch Research library

4. We combine academic research with the scalability of industry

From Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to the University of Stuttgart: we collaborate with around 40 renowned educational institutions around the world. At Bosch Research, science is the foundation: with approximately 1,800 highly specialized researchers, including around 150 Ph.D. students, our research is always at the cutting edge worldwide.

Bosch Research is represented at various locations worldwide with global and diverse teams. The picture shows our diversity of our experts at Bosch Research.

5. We’re an excellent, diverse and global team

From mechanical and electrical engineering to software development and AI sciences: we carry out interdisciplinary research and create cross-connections between our global sites. We focus on competence and cooperation — regardless of people’s gender, cultural background or nationality.

Our research campus in Renningen in Germany is the best example: people from more than 40 countries work together here.

Meet Bosch Research

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