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Bosch annual report 2022

The illustration shows a graphic representation of the word "Onwards", the title of the Bosch annual report for 2022

Technology can’t solve all the world’s problems — but it can make crucial contributions that help us progress together better. Onwards. Whether in research, software development, or manufacturing: every day, we work to develop technology that is “Invented for life.” Technology that makes life easier, and that sees change as an opportunity for progress. Our annual report gives some insights into how we make such technology possible.

Hear Stefan Hartung speak about “Onwards”

Stefan Hartung about “Onwards”

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Here at Bosch, we are working with the brightest minds around the world to create new opportunities. We are developing technology that is ‘Invented for life’ so that all of us can move onwards — together.

Stefan Hartung, chairman of the board of management


Annual report 2022, Bosch

Annual report 2022

Financial section, with management report and financial statements

Bosch today

Bosch today

Names, facts, and figures

Setting new things in motion

We want to spark enthusiasm and conserve natural resources. To achieve this, we rely on key technologies such as fuel cells, on our hardware expertise, on software and services, and on vocational and further training. The following stories show how we move onwards as a team, with our partners, and with young digital talent to set new things in motion.

Our 2022 business year

A label on a graphic illustrating the financials reads: 88.2 billion euros sales revenue
A label on a graphic illustrating the financials reads: 3.5 billion euros result
A label on an graphic reads: 7.2 billion euros expenditure on research and development
A label on a graphic reads: roughly 421,300 associates worldwide
A label on a graphic reads: some 44,000 software developers
A label on a graphic reads: around 85,500 R&D associates
A label on a graphic reads: 468 subsidiaries and regional companies in more than 60 countries

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