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Bosch annual report 2021

The picture shows the lettering “Decoding Tomorrow”. Each letter shows different sceneries that refer to the different stories of the annual report.

Bosch develops solutions that are designed to ease and enhance daily life – it’s what we call technology “Invented for life.” By channeling the drive to innovate #LikeABosch, we’re already writing the code that will make tomorrow a better place to live. Our annual report shines a spotlight on the dedication and expertise we’re leveraging to do this.

Stefan Hartung on “decoding tomorrow”

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“Using our know-how today to make tomorrow’s world a better place is at the heart of what we do. Product by product, service by service, line by line of code, we’re decoding tomorrow.”
Stefan Hartung, chairman of the board of management

Figures for fiscal 2021

A label on a graphic illustrating the financials reads: 78.7 billion euros sales revenue.
A label on a graphic illustrating the financials reads: 2.8 billion euros EBIT.
A label on an graphic reads: 76,100 researchers and developers worldwide, including more than 38,000 in software R&D.
A label on a graphic reads: Approx. 402,600 associates worldwide.
A label on a graphic reads: 6.1 billion euros on research and development.
A label on a graphic reads: Approx. 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries.


Annual report 2020, Bosch

Annual report 2021

Financial section, with management report and financial statements

Bosch today

Bosch today

Names, facts, and figures

The key to a better future

Our products are designed to inspire enthusiasm and help conserve natural resources. We focus on core technologies such as artificial intelligence, fuel-cell systems, and quantum computing. We develop software and supply professional services. And we guard and grow our hard-won expertise in hardware. The following stories illustrate how Bosch already holds the key to a better future.

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