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A collage of four photos shows a man operating Bosch’s Quigo Green measuring device, a self-driving vehicle, a woman on a bike, and a man using a smartphone to control the temperature in his home.

Making life better — it’s in Bosch’s DNA. We take advantage of technological advances and develop innovations that provide solutions to the major challenges of our time. How? It’s all explained in our focus topics.

A woman stands in front of an artificial blue surface and explores her surroundings in a virtual world. The picture shows the letters "AI", which stands for artificial intelligence.

AI for a better future

Is the world prepared for artificial intelligence? This topic takes a look at the most important questions and at the same time shows how Bosch is already using AI to make the world a better place.

Shawn points to a couch in the living room, where a sensor chip, a thermostat, and a heat pump are visible in colored bubbles.

Energy efficiency at home

The world needs more eco-warriors — but becoming one is easier than you might think. Bosch's innovative technologies enable a sustainable and climate-friendly lifestyle.

Various hydrogen applications can be seen in molecules. These include a mobile fuel cell in a truck, hydrogen electrolysis and stationary fuel cells.

Hydrogen — energy for the future

Hydrogen technologies will be a central enabler of the energy transition. Innovations from Bosch are shaping the market of the future in Europe.

Wood artist Adam Detre stands surrounded by trees behind a Bosch GCM 18V-305 GDC Professional cordless crosscut and miter saw, carefully aligning a long piece of wood.

Battery technology

Innovations from Bosch are making batteries more durable, more powerful, and more sustainable. They provide the energy that keeps our world moving forward.

Snowboarder Yanneck Konda holds a tiny sensor on his fingertip. In the background he and Moritz Amsuess are snowboarding, Amsuess is filming Konda with an action cam.

MEMS – Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems

Sensors play a fundamental role in our modern life and are essential for enabling technologies of tomorrow. Bosch is a pioneer and the world’s leading producer of microelectromechanical systems.

A woman with a smartphone is standing in a kitchen, surrounded by networked kitchen appliances from Bosch.

AIoT — Artificial Intelligence of Things

When artificial intelligence (AI) meets the Internet of Things (IoT), the result is countless new possibilities for us at home, at work, and on the road. At Bosch, we call this the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).

A self-driving car equipped with multiple sensors stands in front of a pedestrian crosswalk in a city.

Automated driving

Self-driving cars are ushering in a new era on the roads. Bosch is developing the various technologies necessary to make this happen.

Cao Mengyi holds a coffee cup while standing in front of her car Ora Good Cat in Suzhou. She looks into the camera. A tree-filled park and skyscrapers are visible in the background


Energy demand is rising rapidly worldwide. Bosch is working to make electrification as sustainable as possible. Experience what's behind it.

Firefighter Ricky Staley stands on a hill above the forest. Illuminated by the evening sun, he looks off into the distance.

Decoding tomorrow — sustainable technologies for the future

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Bosch is already thinking about tomorrow today in order to ensure that the earth remains an attractive habitat in the future – by creating codes for technologies that benefit both people and the planet.

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