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Our products work like a Bosch, so you can live like a Bosch.

Several people are standing on an oversized sensor presenting various Bosch products. The sensor seems to float on concentric blue circles.

#LikeABosch is when everything works

The feeling when your car does the parking for you, the refrigerator reminds you to get milk and the peanuts chop themselves. When “I still have to do it” suddenly becomes “Done!” and difficult tasks solve themselves — that's #LikeABosch.

It started as a “Like a Boss” meme on the web and has grown into our most successful campaign to date. But for us, #LikeABosch is much more than that: It drives us to constantly find new ways to make your life even more practical, sustainable, and simply better with smart technology.

Our products do their job so you can focus on what really matters.
How that works? Scroll through our campaigns and find out!

Six people can be seen on a red carpet in a lab. They cheer, laugh and strike various poses.

Work #LikeABosch

Only at Bosch you can work #LikeABosch.

A smiling man with a mustache in diffrent positions

Merchandise #LikeABosch

Take the #LikeABosch feeling home.