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Market-specific solutions

Explore Bosch’s wide range of products and solutions for your market and industry.

Hydrogen ecosystem with Bosch technologies

Hydrogen technology by Bosch

From hydrogen production, storage and distribution to a multitude of possible applications of hydrogen as an energy carrier. We support our customers with products and services along the entire hydrogen value chain. Our focus is always on shaping the future energy world.

Modern looking building with trees

Smart Building Solutions from Bosch

Bosch is transforming the buildings and surroundings of the future into vibrant, attractive, and sustainable places for people to be. These connected buildings are interactive communities where everyday life is easy, efficient and people are in tune with each other and their building.

A woman scans a sneaker with Bosch Origify and checks the authenticity of the product.

Solution for product authentication

Bosch Origify has developed an innovative method to combat counterfeiting by capturing the unique surface patterns of products and comparing them to the originals. This provides manufacturers with a sustainable and secure authentication solution that also provides effective end-to-end traceability.

An aerial view of a house by the lake

Solutions for carbon neutrality

Bosch Climate Solutions provides support and guidance on the path to climate neutrality by creating customized sustainability concepts and offering individual consulting services based on broad industry knowledge.

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