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Energy efficiency at home

Shawn points to a couch in the living room, where a sensor chip, a thermostat, and a heat pump are visible in colored bubbles.

Saving energy can be exhausting. Or not — with our range of efficient products and solutions from Bosch.

Innovative technologies — the most relaxing solution

The world needs more eco-warriors — but becoming one is easier than you might think. Bosch's innovative technologies enable a sustainable and climate-friendly lifestyle.

Explore this Topic and learn how we have transformed living spaces into cozy, energy-efficient oases over decades.

Shawn squats next to a power outlet and points to a Bosch smart home connection with a smile.

Highlight products — for an energy-efficient and comfortable home

Bosch's smart home technologies can make everyday life more convenient and help protect the environment. Quite simply through greater energy efficiency in your home.

Shawn kneels next to a radiator, holding its thermostat and looking at the camera in amazement.

Adjust the heat and enjoy a comfortable break with our Smarthome radiator thermostats. Our thermostats not only maintain a pleasant temperature inside your home, but also promote a healthy climate outside. Good for the future — good for you.

We see the Plug Compact from Bosch plugged into a socket with a cable.

Are you doing laundry today? With the Bosch Smart Plug Compact, your active climate program can run simultaneously. The Plug Compact connects your conventional electrical appliances, and an app notifies you when your washing machine is ready. This way, you not only get clean clothes but also a cleaner climate.

Shawn stands beside the GreenTronic 7000T Hybrid Electric Water Heater from Bosch and kisses it.

The GreenTronic 7000T Hybrid Electric Water Heater from Bosch is an effective and environmentally friendly solution for heating water. It is three to four times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater, resulting in significant energy and cost savings.

Shawn stands next to the Bosch "IDS Ultra" heat pump in a studio, squatting down to strike a presenting pose for the camera.

Bosch's 'IDS Ultra' heat pump is an environmental highlight, specifically developed for North America. Unlike conventional models, this heat pump provides full heating capacity even at outside temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius and can be used at temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius. Switching from fossil fuel heating systems to electric alternatives is an attractive option, especially for environmentalists in colder climates of North America. This switch can save both energy and money.

I find inspiration for innovative solutions in everyday life. If you pay attention to everyday life, you will always find potential for improvement.

Soraia Ferreira, Software Specialist

Further Applications

Be optimally supplied at home and prepared for the future with Bosch Home Comfort.

100 million

Bosch is investing approximately 100 million euros in the production of heat pumps. This investment aims to promote climate-friendly and comfortable living.

Technology and research

Discover our research efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a circular economy.

Climate change is a pressing issue of our time. But it also offers opportunities for innovation to meet the challenges. As part of our global sustainability strategy, Bosch Research experts are working on innovations to reduce the carbon footprint of products like electric drives and heat pumps, as well as promoting the circular economy through sustainable product design and the use of recyclable materials. Virtual development methods and artificial intelligence are key in this effort.

Against a faded green background, there are six glowing icons that symbolize energy-saving, recyclable, and sustainable products.
A Bosch air-water heat pump stands on the corner of a house in the front yard.

How different heat pumps work: a simple explanation

Podcasts: energy efficiency for your ears

Our monthly podcast, 'From KNOW-HOW to WOW,' features several episodes that highlight energy-efficient innovations from Bosch. Our most recent live show from CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, focuses on heat pumps and automated charging of electric vehicles. Tune in to learn more!

Jobs — join the team!

If you want to actively work on innovative and energy-efficient products, Bosch is the right place for you. We are always on the lookout for environmental heroes. Our teams have open positions for project managers, energy experts, researchers, chemists and many other talented people.

Check out our global job openings or visit your local career website for insights into our application process and helpful tips. Become part of the Bosch family and discover what exciting prospects the future holds for you.

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