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Climate-friendly living thanks to heat pumps

Heat pump production in Aveiro, Portugal

Bosch is investing around 100 million euros in comfortable and climate-friendly living with heat pumps

A woman screws the insulation on a heat pump in an assembly hall.

The challenges posed by climate change call for decisive action if our future is to be a sustainable one. Developing and using heat pumps is a key component of climate-neutral buildings. For this reason, Bosch is consistently pursuing its long-term strategy and investing in the ramp-up of its development and production capacity for heat pumps. Now, some 100 million euros are going to its Portuguese site in Aveiro, south of Porto, by 2026. The company plans to build new laboratories, two production buildings, and additional heat pump production lines. This should also create several hundred new jobs there over the medium term.

Expansion of development and production capacity

A heat pump stands on a pallet in a production section of Bosch heat pump production in Aveiro, Portugal.

Alongside Eibelshausen in Germany and Tranås in Sweden, Aveiro is an important site in the European development and production network for heat pumps. Bosch will invest a total of more than one billion euros in expanding this network by the end of the decade. “We’re investing now in developing and manufacturing our heat pumps to ensure we can ramp up production at the required rate. Bosch is aiming for a leading position in the international heat-pump market, which is why we are gradually building up our activities in this area,” says Dr. Christian Fischer, the deputy chairman of the Bosch board of management who is responsible for the company’s Energy and Building Technology and Consumer Goods business sectors.

“We want our sustainable product solutions to help consumers live a comfortable and climate-friendly lifestyle.”
Dr. Christian Fischer, deputy chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH

Bosch heat pumps “made in Europe”

Home Comfort relies on a diversified portfolio to achieve climate targets in the building sector. Heat pumps and heat-pump hybrids are an essential element in decarbonizing the more than 200 million buildings located in Europe alone. “Our heat pumps carry the ‘made in Europe’ label,” says Jan Brockmann, CEO of Home Comfort. “Our engineers, researchers, and developers work hand in hand within our manufacturing network to develop state-of-the-art heat pumps,” he adds. “With the high level of investment and further expansion coming to Aveiro, we’re driving the electrification of buildings and combining home comfort with green technology.”

Home Comfort has been developing and producing technologies for water heating in Aveiro for many years. The site is also home to the development of heat pumps for Southern Europe. In addition, the Aveiro plant will manufacture the outdoor units and wall-mounted indoor units for the next-generation, particularly quiet Compress 5800i AW and Compress 6800i AW heat pumps, which use the eco-friendly refrigerant propane. Experience gained in producing wall-mounted heaters can feed into this. The Compress 5800i AW and Compress 6800i AW were developed jointly by various teams from Wernau (Germany) and Aveiro and produced in a manufacturing network with Aveiro, Eibelshausen, and Tranås.

A young woman assembles a protective plate on the back of a heat pump in a factory building.

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